Viral video shows why your vote matters in the upcoming election

Dec 19 2017, 5:56 pm

If you’re one of the many Canadians who doesn’t believe in the power of voting, then be prepared to have your mind changed.


A video that was posted on October 7 has gone viral on Facebook. It shows a simple graphic breaking down voter turnout from the 2011 federal election and says an astounding 39 per cent of eligible Canadians didn’t vote that year.

It was one of the lowest voter turnouts in Canadian history.

That means, according to the video made and posted by Vancouverite Matthew Kowalyk, only 18 per cent of Canadians voted for the current Conservative government.

Kowalyk’s video appears to be non-partisan; it doesn’t specifically say that Prime Minister Stephen Harper needs to go, but instead tries to show Canadians why their vote matters.

The video is just over a minute long and finishes with a powerful message:

“We’re Canada. We can do better than an F-minus-minus.”

Change might be on the horizon, however. Advance polling stations experienced long lineups over the thanksgiving long weekend, and 2.4 million Canadians turned up in the first three days to cast ballots ahead of the October 19 election. That represents a 300,000 person increase over advance voting numbers from 2011.

The video has racked up nearly 900,000 views and more than 41,000 shares on Facebook at the time of publication.

Vancity Buzz has reached out to Kowalyk for an interview.

Watch it below:

[youtube id=”T5Wx50YqRGA”]