Canadian Style Makers: Vincent Law (Binzento) talks fashion + science

Vincent Law (Binzento) is a platform to promote aspiring, and upcoming artists, or designers. Vincent is actively involved in the fashion and art scene in Calgary, Alberta. Beyond his distinctive voice in the blogging community, Vincent is also a television host and reporter for the Fairchild’s television Alberta report. His love for both fashion and science has captured his curiosity, as both roles require passion, practice and creativity.

Vincent Law (Binzento) who is originally form Hong Kong moved to Calgary as a young boy, and has grown to enjoy Calgary; but has not limited himself to live elsewhere, after his graduate MSc studies have been completed. Having survived a previous near death experience in the hospital, he became a true believer that  “life is too short for not doing things you love.” Now, Vincent lives life to the fullest, each and every day.

As an active participant in Calgary fashion shows, and a huge supporter of new emerging designers. Vincent wanted to document his journey through his evolving and sought after blog. This style of communication has provided him the opportunity to share and explore his creative side through travel, art and fashion his blog allows readers the inside scoop into the mind of Binzento.

Vincent and his team recently produced a five-segment styling video series named SCHMANCY, at the Calgary Glenbow Museum. The result was an exciting event with Holt Renfrew and Sophia Models International. Created in part by his team Paul Spenard, Stuart Robinson and Odessa Bennett.

Do you follow international European and Asian trends?

Yes. Where I was from (Hong Kong) was very adaptive of fashion from both Western and Eastern parts of world. Japan has always been known to be very fashion forwarded. In recent years however, I find that more and more people are starting to pay attention to Korea’s fashion scene.There are definitely some very talented Korean designers – Juun J. is one example. I’ve always loved European designers – Afterall, most of the major fashion houses are situated there.

Tell us about your career as a stylist/fashion blogger?

I would not call myself a stylist – certainly I’ve been asked to style for photo shoots before. I enjoy fashion, and I also enjoy contributing my ideas to the photographers or editors. Fashion for me is more of a passion that is closed to my heart. I wished I had studied fashion if I wasn’t doing science instead…I started writing my fashion blog: Binzento Vincente ( in mid-2011.

My blog now has become pretty well known in the community, which I am humbly thankful for. I really appreciate all of my readers’ love and support, and their acknowledgement to my love of fashion.

His signature hair sets Binzento apart in most crowds, whether in Calgary or abroad he always showcases an interesting take on modern fashion and worldly tastes. Designers that Vincent enjoys within the Canadian fashion scene are the designs of Haithem El Kadiki of KaaDiki, Caitlin Power and Paul Hardy. Global designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Martin Margiela, Junya Watanabe, Alber Elbaz, Rad Hourani and Vivienne Westwood catch this bloggers attention and fascination for fashion.

Binzento’s latest fashion advice is to get rid of our skinny jeans, opt for more free flowing, less rigid pants. His eye for fashion and design has made him a favourite among fashion bloggers and readers, sending him as far away as Milan to cover their fashion week 2013. You can find Binzento on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Weibo, Linkedin, Google+, Vine. His choices for the most effective social media tools include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Find

How do you feel about social media’s influence on fashion today?

Social media definitely plays a huge role this day and age in almost anything. For fashion, the social media have made it more accessible to the general public, and created a market of new discovery.

Everyone who’s on a social media platform is given opportunities to voice his or her opinions. I think it is a fascinating tool for communication, because it truly shows a spectrum of things people like.

What should we expect from Fall 2013? 

My hunch for ladies’ fashion will be thigh high leggings, and euro-style skirts and masculine over coat. For guys, wide-leg trousers (get rid of skinny jeans already), and more fitted clean-cut tops.

What current or all time trends do you dislike the most? 

PUNK shouldn’t come back so soon.

Do you find work through social media channels?

Yes and no. No doubt I’ve been contacted via social media before, but often I am recruited through PR agencies that discovered my blog or personal word of mouth from one person to another.

What are the biggest misconceptions of a stylists/fashion writer?

I’ve been told that being a stylist/fashion writer is not serious work – and I am sure every stylist/fashion writer will agree with me that – it IS seriously a serious job. I always tell people: “If you think it is a joke, then I like to see you do it”.  The problem though I have nowadays is that everyone who’d dressed a model thinks they are stylists. Styling is more than just putting clothes on people, and hoping someone will like it. It is a form of art, which takes a good set of eyes, creativity, time management, a good knowledge in fashion, instincts, boldness, and ability to execute ideas.

One of the reasons why I don’t consider myself a fashion stylist as I mentioned before is because I respect all of the true stylists out there who produced some of the most influential works that inspired many people.  My theory also is I would not considered myself something that I don’t do for a living.

Vincent Law 1

Are you into vintage clothes? 

Yes, but I don’t wear them. I collect them – just the ones that tell stories. I was very fortunate winning an museum auction for an original piece dated back in the 1800’s by Charles Frederick Worth, the Father of Haute Couture.

What advice can you give aspiring stylists/fashion writers?

Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask people for an interview. The worst answer you’ll ever get from someone is “no”, and that doesn’t kill you. Also, I think it is important to always wear a “student hat” and be ready to learn. Try to have an open mind, and take things into perspective. That way you can easily connect with people and pin point the ones that will guide you into the niche market.

VanCity Buzz Binzento 3

Have you been to NYC fashion week?  

Yes. NYC fashion week was a great experience. It was great to greet some of the designers at the shows, and also meet other bloggers that were involved during fashion week. My blog had also covered Milan Fashion Week before. It was a very different experience – I find shows in NYC are more intimate and relaxed.

How does music influence fashion now?  

If fashion is our vision, then music is our sound. Music and fashion are like soul mates of each other forming a complete entity. I think music adds another dimension to the story behind a collection. It facilitates sending messages to the audience the idea behind creating these fashion pieces, and allows better understanding of the emotions the designers want to set forth.

PHOTO CREDITS – Cover, photo one, two, three and four by Katrina Olson-Mottahed – ( Photos five, six and seven submitted by Vincent Law (Binzento)