UBC soccer players fail at Gatorade shower (VIDEO)

Sep 6 2016, 9:32 pm


On Sunday, UBC beat UNBC 3-1 to improve their record to 4-2-2 this season in men’s soccer. The win was UBC head coach Mike Mosher’s 200th of his career.

Naturally, his players wanted to commemorate the moment.

For as long as sports teams have had big buckets full of Gatorade with them on the sidelines, there have been “Gatorade showers”. You know them, you love them.

When a team wins a milestone game, the coach gets it.

Except this time.

A pair of defenders, Tyler Mertens and Bryan Fong, were tasked with getting their head coach. Instead, they performed the worst Gatorade fail I’ve ever seen: they missed him completely.

“Well it was two of our back-four that tried to dump the bucket on him and they’re not very good a hitting forward passes, so they aren’t going to hit Mike with a water bucket” said UBC assistant coach David Partridge.

I guess next time they’ll bring a couple of strikers to get the job done.