Video captures thief allegedly stealing camera equipment during Stanley Park wedding

Over the Labour Day long weekend, a thief allegedly stole camera equipment during a wedding ceremony at Stanley Park. His stunt was captured on video.

Update (September 10, 2013): Vancouver Police have arrested the man believed to be responsible for the theft of camera gear. On the morning of September 10, 2013, 50 year old Ahmed Baladie was arrested. Police are still looking for the stolen equipment, including: Canon 1400 mm 2.8l camera lens, Canon 50 mm 1.2 l camera lens, Tameron 90 mm F 2.8 Dl camera macro lens and Pelican camera case 1514.

Baladie has been released on a promise to appear with the condition that he not visit Stanley Park.

The equipment, worth thousands of dollars, belonged to the wedding’s professional photographer. Not only did he allegedly steal expensive camera equipment in broad daylight, he went off with memory cards holding some of the couple’s wedding memories.

The man captured on video is wearing a striped blue t-shirt, striped shorts, a black baseball cap, and has a black backpack. He is prominently seen in the background within the first 10 seconds of the video and again in the final 10 seconds, when he bends down to steal the camera equipment before briskly walking away with it.

Camera Theft at Stanley Park

According to Bryan Ball, who posted the video on YouTube:

Video footage of a thief stealing our wedding photographers equipment durring our ceremony. 3:45 – 4pm sept 1st at ferguson point in stanley park Vanouver BC. Check out the guy in the striped shirt black backpack and a ball cap pacing around the left of the screen. in the middle you see him in the center of the screen just behind the brides right shoulder. He stops looks around and then lifts up the pelican case full of cameras and walks off. If you saw this or know the piece of crap human being please leave any info . people would like there memories back.

[youtube id=”X5VdIcz81xA” align=”center”]