VCB Hockey Podcast: the Omarcanuck Show - talking Canucks' management shift with Dowbiggin

Dec 19 2017, 4:17 pm

It’s no secret that the Canucks took the hacksaw to their front office two weeks ago, cutting people left and right from the organization.

Last week, the team held their annual Summer Summit for season ticket holders – I wrote a SixPack breaking it down – and although the intent was for Trevor Linden and Jim Benning to answer any questions the fans had about the team’s direction, many left with only more questions.


With that in mind, we invited Bruce Dowbiggin onto our podcast to give us his perspective on what’s going on. Being a former Calgary Flames beat-writer (he dealt with Canucks AGM John Weisbrod there) and the author of Ice Storm – a book on the Mike Gillis Canucks regime (meaning he knows Laurence Gilman and Lorne Henning well), his insight reaches further than many others’.

Dowbiggin talked about:

  • how Gillis wanted to go to a youth movement in 2013, why the team didn’t and what the result was.
  • the Canucks might be rebuilding the ’82 Canucks again with Prust and Dorsett in the lineup, and their pursuit.
  • Weisbrod’s relationship with Jay Feaster.
  • if Vancouver is still a destination for players around the NHL.
  • if and how much the Canucks are using analytics under Linden and Benning.

My co-host Aly and I were also joined by a new guest, Andrea Valliere, a server who has had many close encounters with celebrities and with BC Lions players (are they celebrities?). Tired of focusing all our negativity on the Canucks, we canvassed our Twitter followers for the most overrated activities in Vancouver, and spread the negativity to them.

Hope you enjoy it.