VcB All Star Draft

As we all know the NHL All Star game is coming up on January 29th  in Ottawa. The league recently released the entire list of all stars for this year’s game and we thought it would be fun to do a little draft here. Let’s see who goes where.

Like our Canucks Midway Competition post this is going to have two Vancouver hockey bloggers go head to head. This time around we have Five Hole For Food founder and  Canucks Hockey Blog writer Richard AKA @mozy19 (Canucks fan) join in on the draft  with sports our writer Robert AKA @LeafsFanInVan (Leafs fan). Sports has a feature known as “home court advantage” so I am going to take the 1st pick.

Before we get to the draft here is a list of the players:


Corey Perry, Tyler Seguin, Jason Pominville, Jarome Ignla, Marian Hossa, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Jamie Benn, Pavel Datsyuk, Mikko Koivu, John Tavares, Marian Gaborik, Claude Giroux, Evgeni Malkin, Logan Couture, Steven Stamkos, Phil Kessel, Joffrey Lupul, Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, Alex Ovechkin, Jason Spezza, Daniel Alfredsson, Milan Michalek


Dustin Byfuglien, Brian Capmbell, Zdeno Chara, Alex Edler, Dan Girardi, Ryan Suter, Kimmo Timonen, Shea Weber, Denis Wideman, Keith Yandle, Dion Phaneuf, Erik Karlson


Tim Thomas, Brian Elliott, Jimmy Howard, Henrik Lundqvist, Carey Price, Jonathan Quick

Opening the draft is our writer Robert.

1st Pick Robert (RS): Phil Kessel.

  • Comments: This pick is NOT entirely because he is a Maple Leaf. We can’t deny Kessel has been an All Star all year and after going last last year I see him deserving the #1 spot.

2nd Pick Richard (RL): Daniel Sedin

  • Comments: (RL): Can’t go wrong picking the guy who has the most points of any active player in the last calendar year.Comments
  • (RS): You realise who I have to take now right?

Robert: Henrik Sedin

  • Comments (RL):It was worth a try. If I didn’t try now that would be it.

Richard: Pavel Datsyuk

  • Comment (RL): Before you make your next pick – feel free to watch this100 times.

Robert: Brian Capmbell

  • Comments:33 points already from the blue line for Campbell. Plus I think I’ll be bale to keep my dynamic duo intact with my next pick.

Richard: Zdeno Chara

  • Comments:Have to respect a man that’s that big and that powerful. I don’t like him, but I’d want him on my team.
  • Comments (RS): I’m a bit surprised you’d take big Z. You know after the whole June fiasco. I guess you’ve moved on from that.

Robert: Joffrey Lupul

  • Comments: My dynamic duo is in tact…Despite Coach Wilson splitting them up in the last game.

Richard: Steeeeeeeeeeeeve Stamkos!

  • Comments: Need, more, Fructis!

Robert: John Tavares

  • Comments: He has been playing better than expected on a team that is playing just as bad as expected. One can only wonder if he had talent (aside from Matt Moulson & Grabner) on his team where his stats would be.

Richard: Logan Couture

  • Comments:Loved that kid from the moment he got his first shift with the Sharks. That pick’s a sentimental one for sure. Oh yeah, and the kid’s pretty good too.

Robert: Jonathan Quick

  • Comments: I will gladly take this year’s Vezina front runner as the goalie picked in our draft.

Richard: Shea Weber

  • Comments: His beard alone is worthy of an all star roster spot. Couple that with the man himself, and you’re set. Hell… he can bend space and time and shoot a puck through the net without anyone noticing. 

Robert: Dion Phaneuf

  • Comments (RS):I feel like you are still a bit bitter that I got Henrik.

Richard: Marian Gaborik

  • Comments:When this guy is healthy, he can be one of the best players in the league. I really feel he’s one of the more underrated players in the game because of his injury history.

Robert:  Evgeni Malkin

  • Comments: He has been a force all season with the absence of Crosby.

Richard: Claude Giroux.

  • Comments:Kid’s a stud. Enough said. That and you took Malkin before me.

Robert: Jason Spezza

  • Comments:I hate the guy & his laugh but he is a sniper and this type of game is made for guy’s with a slick wrist shot like his.
Richard: Corey Perry

  • Comments: The kid can work magic with the puck. Can’t say I like the guy – but I can only imagine what would happen if you threw him along side a couple other all stars.

Robert: Keith Yandle

  • Comments: I got him as a steal in my fantasy draft and he has not let me down all year. Sure they don’t call too many penalties in the all star games but he is a beast on the man advantage.

Richard: Tim Thomas

  • Comments: After he turned down a trip to the White House I’m left with only one question. It takes balls to turn down the President. How does a guy with balls that big even skate? The dude has edge, you have to beat the best to be the best and as of last year he’s earned the title for at least a year.

Robert: Patrick Kane

  • Comments: I was close to picking Seguin from Boston but I refuse to admit he is a rising star in this league. Plus Kane has sick hands that will be on full display in this game.

Richard: Erik Karlson

  • Comments:Kid’s leading defenceman. He’s an O-town player. Expect him to light it up in front of the home town crowd.

Robert: Henrik Lundqvist

  • Comments:Might as well get another duo (Henrik’s) on my team. Plus he is by far an elite goaltender in the NHL for a few years already. Did Luongo get nominated?

Richard: Alex Ovechkin

  • Comments:He’s easily the most overrated player in the league. But the guy also still has the best shot in the NHL. You can’t stop that wrist shot when he lets it go.
  • Comments (RS):I’m going to go ahead and ignore the fact that Ovi is NOT going to be taking part in the All Star game this year.

Robert: Alex Edler

  • Comments: This game always has a 1st time all star step up under the big spotlight. Stepping up has been all Edler has done all year.

Richard: Daniel Alfredsson

  • Comments: Home town guy. He’ll light it up. Alfie’s in the twilight of his career, but you know that he still knows how to bring it.

Robert: Milan Michalek

  • Comments: I’m gonna take another Sens sniper this round. To be honest, 23 goals at this point in the year for a guy who has never notched over 26 shows he is having a breakout year.

Richard: Jordan Eberle (Mikko Koivu)

  • Comments: I like a little bit of razzle dazzle on my team.
  • Comments (RS): Good thing there isn’t too much hitting in the game since Eberle is softer ont he puck than Hemsky was in his first year in Edmonton.

Robert: Kris Letang  (Dustin Byfuglien)

  • Comments: Letang was playing like an all star before his concussion. He is back and doesn’t seem to have lost a step. Plus I can safely say I would NEVER pick Byfuglien for anything.

Richard: Jarome Iginla

  • Comments: Much respect for a guy that has 500 goals with the same team.

Robert: Marian Hossa

  • Comments: 52 points through 48 games. I’ll take that productivity any day of the week.

Richard: Ryan Suter

  • Comments: I’m starting to get curious about who’s going to go last. I wish I hadn’t picked Ovechkin for that very reason.
  • Comments (RS): You get the last pick too.

Robert: Jonathan Toews

  • Comments: That is three duos in tact for me.

Richard: Tyler Seguin

  • Comments: Why am I taking all these Bruins?
  • Comments (RS): Looks like you have buried the hatchet.

Robert: Jason Pominville

  • Comments: This is just like my Tavares pick, a player having a great year on a bad team.

Richard: Kimmo Timonen

Robert: Jamie Benn

  • Comments: Not because I wanted him…Because I needed one more forward to complete my roster.

Richard: Brian Elliot

Robert: Dan Girardi

Richard: Denis Wideman

Image: SenatorsExtra

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