Vaping to be regulated across Canada

Nov 23 2016, 7:12 pm

The Canadian government is set to bring in new regulations governing vaping and the use of e-cigarettes, it has been announced.

The proposed legislation, titled the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act, would regulate the manufacture, sale, labelling and promotion of vaping products.

It would also limit sales to young people, restrict certain flavours, like candy, that “appeal to youth,” and introduce child-resistant packaging.

“The introduction of this important legislation is the next step in the Government’s work to protect young Canadians from nicotine addiction and tobacco use,” said Health Minister Jane Philpott in a release.

“At the same time, it introduces an approach to vaping products that considers their potential benefits to smokers. I look forward to seeing this Bill through the legislative process.”

Vaping rules in different provinces

The move comes almost three months after British Columbia banned vaping in public places and introduced new restrictions on selling vaping products.

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Retailers in BC are now required to check that e-cigarettes are sold only to adults aged 19 and above, and to ensure that no retail displays or advertising are targeted to youth.

Elsewhere, while Alberta has no specific vaping rules, there is a ban on vaping in public places in Calgary, with the exception of sampling different vaping products in store.

In Ontario, you must be 19 to buy e-cigarettes or vaping products, although there are no restrictions on where you can vape in public.

And in Montreal, lawmakers have adopted a strict stance to e-cigarettes, banning vape stores from promoting new products or flavours online or in store windows.

It is also forbidden to display vaping products anywhere, except in specialized e-cigarette retail outlets; products can only be sold in person, not over the phone or online.

Potential purchasers are not allowed to sample vaping products in store, and you must be 19 to buy vaping products or e-cigarettes and must provide proof of age.

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