Vancouver's Worst Parking Jobs Called Out On New Twitter Account

Dec 19 2017, 7:27 pm

Drivers beware: A new Twitter account is calling out your lousy parking jobs, with photos.

If you’ve ever spotted a car straddling two parking spaces like it’s no big deal, or noted fancy new sports car sans permit chilling in a handicapped stall, and you’ve yearned to publicly shame the offender, you’ll want to follow @d_bagparkingYVR.

Much like the online blasting of Richmond’s parking-challenged, the “YVR’s Worst Parking” feed is truly a Vancouver hall of shame for those who seem unable to stay between the lines, feed their meter, or abide by the rules. This Twitter account has a name for these people: D-bags.

Photos and snark are tweeted out from the account by Edmonton’s Brian LaBelle, who also shares photos sent his way from other angry Vancouverites.


Here are a few recent examples from what we’re certain is a vast pool of potential YVR material:







LaBelle, who doesn’t want to hide behind anonymity with this and his other “D-bag parking” accounts for Canadian cities, describes himself as “a real person who gets frustrated when the bad decisions of others affect me.” Launched in Edmonton and Calgary, the accounts’ swift popularity prompted LaBelle to speed up the roll-out of accounts across the nation, including for Vancouver and Kelowna (@dbagparkingYLW).

The inspiration for the accounts is pretty straightforward, and based in humor. “At first it was just to make fun of the people who think they’re entitled to take up 2, 4 and even 6 stalls for their vehicles at others’ expense,” LaBelle elaborates in an email. “The driver of a Lamborghini parked in the crosswalk in an emergency lane outside Costco is really begging for a joke to be made about his bulk Viagra prescription.”

Already the accounts have raised awareness about what it means to share the public sphere. For example, many people parking so close to cars where parents return to find there’s no room to get their children into their car seats hadn’t even given that predicament a thought when they pulled into their space. LaBelle says the tweets are “making people aware of how their decisions can affect others,” and for the less considerate, “shaming the ones who just really don’t care how it can affect others.”

Reaction to the tweets has been mixed. Drivers called out have replied defensively to justify their bad parking, like the owner of a restored car who believed he was more or less entitled to take up several spaces. Sometimes drivers reach out to LaBelle with corrections, like the handicapped driver whose permit had tumbled out of view when the photo was snapped. Otherwise, says LaBelle, it’s “a lot of swearing, insults and people telling us it’s not that big a deal so we should all get over it.”

So what does LaBelle think Vancouverites can do to be more courteous when parking? He remarks:

Just think about the people who may have to walk from the back of the lot because you chose to take up 2 or 4 spots. Nobody likes getting their door “dinged” but if you drive into a lot where 100 people are all parked in their stalls and you think you’re the one person that’s entitled to more than everyone else, ask yourself what makes you better than every other person in that lot? I don’t care if your car cost $200,000 or $2000, people buy vehicles they can afford and they’re all important to the people who have worked to purchase them. If yours is that much more special than everybody else’s, park at the back of the lot and have some consideration for other people. Or don’t and we’ll be more than happy to showcase your sense of entitlement on Twitter. Especially if you have a vanity plate I can make fun of or if you’re driving a company vehicle for a business I can tag on twitter as well.

Consider yourselves warned, Vancouver!

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