Vancouver's Most Practical Gift Guide.

Dec 19 2017, 5:16 am

Ladies and gents, this year is gonna be a big one for gifts. Spending is up across the board, so boutiques and big box stores alike are rolling out the red carpet for your holiday dollars. And while it’s great to get that 80″ LCD TV or yet another tablet, a lot of our Xmas loot is just gonna sit there and collect dust. Well, folks, look no further than this list of PRACTICAL and USEFUL presents for life in the City of Glass. It’s guaranteed that whoever receives any of the items below, they’ll remember you for providing them with the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

1. BLUNT Umbrella. $70.00

Because it hurts to see stylish Vancouverites toting a tangled, eye poking mess of torn nylon and bent wires, I recommend what may be the finest wet weather friend money can buy. Designed to withstand winds up to 117kph and with specially rounded points, this Blunt will spare your favorite urbanite from getting wet, as well as dirty looks for walking obliviously under downtown awnings.

2. Powermat Wireless Charging System +/- $80.00

Smartphone addicts everywhere are sick of fiddling with endless loops of knotted cable when trying to charge their smart gadgets. To be the best gift giver ever, Look no further than Powermat. It’s simple. Plug the transmitting pad into any wall outlet, pop the JesusPhone or Crackberry or almost any other smartphone into a corresponding case, and Presto! They’ll wonder how they ever got along before placing their precious tech on a charging pad. They will also laugh at the poor suckers who still have to plug in their phone to charge them.

3. Orbino Padova 2 iPad Case $200+

While everyone on the bus and their dog will be sporting a tablet after the holidays, most of them won’t have the brains to get a decent case or protector. And much like a bike lock, the quality of that protection depends on how much you spend. So,since Santa’s blown almost a grand on the fancy capacitive glass, he can bite the damn bullet and shell out some bucks on the best case he can afford.

4. Linus Office Bag $90.00

With the massive Greenwash going on at City Hall, there’s no reason to not be on our bikes, taking advantage of fast tracked bike lanes and raising a little traffic congestion hell. Now your favorite cyclist can flip off those pesky car drivers in style with the Linus Office Bag. It’ll fit that 13″ Macbook Pro and leave enough room for a few 12 dollar bottles of Happy Planet Organic Juice.

5.Norm Wine Breather $50.00- $80.00

Fast paced winos on your list will appreciate being able to breathe a bottle in as little as a couple of minutes with this clever Wine Breather/Decanter from Menu. Even the cheapest cooking wine will taste brilliant to any of your annoying foodie friends after a trip through this badboy.

6. Kubo Full Spectrum Lamp $480.00

The lack of sun during a Vancouver winter can drive even the most cheerful of us into a depression so deep, only alcohol and cocaine can bring a semblance of joy into an otherwise desperate and mundane existence. Fortunately, the good people at Innosol are aware of our 6 months of misery and have created the perfect gift for those who are at their wits end. Pumping out ten thousand lux, this cubic lamp will make even the darkest $1900 Kitsilano basement suite seem like a day at the beach.

7. Bodum $30.00

Even if your favorite caffeine junkie already has one of these, they’ll definitely appreciate the thought of having another rig to fix with. Tried, tested and true, any Bodum coffee press is worth the 25 to 50 bucks you’ll shell out to enable your friend’s addiction to imported stimulants.

Image By GlacierTim

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