Vancouver’s Livable Laneways in Mount Pleasant

Dec 19 2017, 12:37 pm

As the city grows and stretches its limits of available space within the urban core, one can’t help but wonder why our allies, back streets or laneways, whatever you want to call them, aren’t better utilized? Enter Livable Laneways. This Saturday, September 25 from noon-6PM is Livable Laneways’ first street event in the Mount Pleasant area, being held throughout the laneway by Chutney Villa (at Broadway/Main), plus 8th Ave at Main. The event will highlight urban greening/sustainability, as well as local business and culture. The vendors range from restaurants to clothing stores to local farmers.

Livable Laneways is a grassroots movement that challenges Vancouverites to re-examine the living potential of overlooked city areas, primarily laneways. By promoting sustainability in the city, the project aims to transform these long-ignored spaces into pedestrian-friendly areas. Not unlike the backstreets of Europe, local laneways can provide a welcome escape from the hubbub of the car-filled main roads. Often overlooked as merely routes for disposal trucks, laneways can become beautiful and intimate spaces to shop, dine or simply stroll at one’s leisure.

The event will also feature businesses and restaurants such as Chutney Villa, Nice Café, John’s Jukes, Reno’s Restaurant and Scout. The space will also be improved by cleaning and greening efforts by various public interest groups. Additionally, this family-friendly event will include children’s pony rides, courtesy of Laughing Stock Ranch.

I like the direction that they are going with this. Our backstreets are a plenty and for the most part are underutilized.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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