Vancouver's Invisalign Specialist: Dr. Daher

A smile is a girl’s best feature. It never goes out of style and lasts a lifetime. The definition of a nice smile is virtually universal: straight, uniform, pearly whites that are aligned to the lips. While there are several factors that help one achieve the winning grin, orthodontics is the strongest contributing factor. There is something about great teeth that suggest confidence and class that is embraced globally.

With the trend of orthodontics in Canada changing, braces or alternative orthodontic devices are no longer for “kids”. One in four Canadians undergoing treatment is now adults. A significant number of adult patients are turning to Invisalign, which treats malocclusion (or crooked teeth) using a series of clear removable trays also called aligners. It can treat nearly all cases that traditional braces can, while offering discreetness as it is virtually invisible. The ongoing trend indicates that adults, who may have missed their chance to undergo treatment as a child, are taking the opportunity to get their Hollywood smile. Dr. Daher of Fresh Smile Ortho primarily caters to these adults. In fact, his oldest patient to-date was a charming 82-year old who was undergoing treatment at the same time of her granddaughter, showing that there is never a time that you are too old for orthodontics. While she may have been a unique patient, Dr. Daher regularly sees joint parent-child patients undergo treatment together.

Not only to benefit adults, Invisalign Teen is a program that has been customized for the behaviours and routines of teenagers. In Invisalign Teen has introduced wear-time indicators, where subtle blue dots fade as the patients wear the aligners.

Dr. Daher is also a member of the Invisalign Clinical Studies Network”, a handful of elite doctors in the world in charge of clinical, hands-on research of new techniques and materials to further enhance Invisalign’s efficiency. Find him at Fresh Smile Ortho, 604-662-3290 for Downtown Vancouver and 604-913-1555 for West Vancouver.


Image source: Medical Tour