Vancouver's first video game restaurant and bar opens this weekend

Video game lovers mark down August 25, 2012 on your calendar. The long awaited arrival of EXP Restaurant and Bar is finally here as this Saturday is their soft opening. They promise a grand opening event soon after. There is one catch though, the video game restaurant and bar patrons won’t be allowed to play video games. This is because the province of British Columbia has idiotic liquor licensing laws preventing them to do so. EXP owners are taking the fight to the  government as we reported earlier this year

EXP  is located 309 West Pender.

Hope they get their exemption from the liquor board because it doesn’t make sense that you can drink and gamble your life away at a casino but can’t enjoy a few drinks while harmlessly gaming with friends.

Too stay up to date with all the news check out the EXP facebook page.

Image: EXP Restaurant & Bar