Vancouver's Most Eligible Bachelors: Kelvin Redvers

Dec 19 2017, 1:45 pm


Age: 28

Occupation: The Award Winning Director


Kelvin is an Aboriginal award winning director, writer and producer. He’s received 5 major awards for journalism in BC since age 23, including 2 Jack Webster awards, the “Oscar of BC Journalism”. His films have screened all over the world, including  the Toronto International Film Festival. His first major award came from New York, at the Hamptons International Film Festival for a movie he made at 16, while growing up in small town Northwest Territories.

What are your plans for 2015?

I just finished writing my first feature film which I’m working on getting financed, to go into production this year. I’m also lined up to be the host of a TV show “Nish and Famous”, in development for APTN, which celebrates successful aboriginal people in North America.

What cause do you support the most?

Elevation of pride for youth in indigenous communities.

What is your most interesting dating story?

I met a girl while travelling in Croatia, and we reunited in Rome. While we were in Florence, we decided to splurge on a fancy restaurant, ordering everything and anything. Two American women next to us thought we were cute. They left, and after, the waiter informed us they’d paid for our entire expensive meal. We were completely floored

What do you look for in a potential partner?

Sense of humour, intelligence, and a little sass is always fun. Once I was trying to get something to work on the computer, very frustrated. The girl I was seeing was beside me, saw my frustration, and very simply, gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was perfect. Being able to have little moments like that is what’s the best.

One idea to improve Vancouver’s dating scene?

Trivia nights at pubs seem big right now here, so maybe what could done to put a spin on that, is instead of only answering questions with your friends, there’s a mix and match table for other singles. You’d get to work together, meet new people, and probably would be lots of fun.

What is your Deal Breaker?

A girl that says “I’m not someone who likes drama… but you won’t believe what Stacey did…” and just keeps talking about Stacey the whole night.

What is your Achilles Heel?

Flowers in a girl’s hair

Favourite Vancouver hotspot on a Friday night?

Yaletown Brew Pub

How do you feel about books that teach women to play hard to get or not to approach men?

Crazier things have happened than a woman approaching a man, and it working out.

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Feature Image: Nick Raniga, instagram: @nikhil_raniga