Vancouver's Most Eligible Bachelors: Jay Bell

Dec 19 2017, 1:45 pm


Age: 31

Occupation: Business Leader, Productivity Expert


Jay was brought on to launch the Vancouver Branch for Procom Consultants Group – a technology recruitment agency – with little more than himself a desk, and a phone. In less than 5 years, he has expanded the office to almost 20 employees, multi-millions in revenues, and a high profile list of clientele including TELUS, BC Hydro, BC Ferries, and many more. The Vancouver version of “Hitch”, Jay is also the inspirational author of “Suddenly Successful” – a book that helps people reach their potential in all areas of life.

What are your plans for 2015?

I’m publishing my second book in Spring 2015 that is geared toward helping men maximize their career, health and dating life. We are renovating our Vancouver office to make room for our plans to expand to over 30+ people and opening our first Seattle office for Procom.

What cause do you support the most?

Helping people become the best version of themselves in all areas of life.  Whether this is done through my corporate career, writing articles, books or speaking engagements all of the topics I cover have this as the end goal in mind.

What is your most interesting dating story?

I once took a girl a date who seemed to be the whole package, sweet, beautiful, and a very accomplished athlete. At the end of the date, she revealed that she was also a professional dominatrix!

What do you look for in a potential partner?

Witty banter – someone that is clever, sharp, and can put me in my place, in a playful way. For example, I introduced myself to a girl once and she retorted back with a smile “I promise to miss you if you would go away” From there we had an entertaining back and forth exchange and ended up dating for awhile after.

One idea to improve Vancouver’s dating scene?

People should change the reason they go out from trying to get a date or land a girlfriend/boyfriend and instead help both men and women have a great time. After meeting new women, I usually try to introduce them to people they may not have met (both men & women) to help break the ice for everyone and create a more fun and open environment.  Instead of trying to get a girls number let them know what your plans are for the evening and say “we might be going to X bar, text me if you’d like to know if it’s good.”   This takes the pressure off and makes it less about trying to line up a date and more about helping everyone have a good time.  This is a more natural and fun way for people to get to know one another and see where it goes from there.

What is your Deal Breaker?

A really messy and cluttered apartment

What is your Achilles Heel?

Soft skin is the most underrated quality in women.

Favourite Vancouver hotspot on a Friday night?

Distillery in Yaletown

How do you feel about books that teach women to play hard to get or not to approach men?

I think this can hinder a women’s dating life as not approaching men only allows her to sift through and date men who approach her.  Women don’t need to be aggressive but rather just put themselves into a guy’s orbit and allow him to take it from there.  Therefore be careful with playing too hard to get, because every guy is different.  I usually will not message women in between dates very often as this can really hinder the attraction and anticipation of getting together again. Therefore if a woman takes the initiative to text me a follow-up after the date or meeting me, I would take that as her being interested and invite her out on the first or next date.  This way the attraction level from both the man and woman stays high and the next date which they are both looking forward to has been planned.

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Feature Image: Nick Raniga, instagram: @nikhil_raniga