Vancouver's Most Eligible Bachelors: Daniel Ingram

Dec 19 2017, 1:45 pm


Age: 40

Occupation: The Composer


Daniel is a multi-Emmy nominated and award winning composer who writes songs on popular Children’s TV programs such as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop. He travels regularly around the world to meet with his fans, and has a multitude of hobbies and interests that keep his creative juices flowing. In his late 20’s, he left behind a safe but uninspiring job and is proud to have made his dream of a successful career in music a reality.

What are your plans for 2015?

I am very excited for 2015! I have several personal and professional projects on the go right now. Writing songs on and super fun big budget animated movie, and finishing building a house for my mom, are among them.

What cause do you support the most?

There are a few, but probably the biggest for me concerns climate change. I invest in renewable resource and alternative energy companies in BC and I recently ordered my first electric car. I try to live as green a lifestyle as I can, shop for locally produced products, and try to minimize my carbon footprint. I also recently applied to volunteer in the Big Brother program of Canada to bring more support to the youth of the Downtown East side.

What is your most interesting dating story?

One time I was on a 3rd date, and over dinner she seemed very uncomfortable. I finally had to ask her what was up. She confessed she had Googled me and learned I was supposedly married with kids; that I had a family of my own in England! Well, it was the first I’d heard of it. Apparently Google sometimes makes mistakes… BIG ones!

What do you look for in a potential partner?

Curiosity, education, intelligence and authenticity, and I know this sounds cheesy but…. Someone with heart. I have to admire her for her warmth and inner beauty. In the long run, those are qualities that really shine through. Great physical chemistry/mutual attraction is a must as well.

One idea to improve Vancouver’s dating scene?

There seems be a lot of men who don’t know how to dress properly in this town. I’m always seeing stunning women in dresses and heels, surrounded by guys in jeans and hoodies. Maybe if Vancouver guys put more effort into their style women would be more excited about being approached by them haha.

What is your Deal Breaker?

A negative attitude. Some people really focus on the positive, whereas others do the opposite. If I meet someone new and she’s complaining a lot about her life, or friends, or job… I really gives me the impression that she is not in a good place to be starting a fun, healthy relationship.

What is your Achilles Heel?

Spontaneity. I can never seem to resist a spur of the moment adventure or invitation to check out some pop up store, event or party, etc. It always seems to start with… “Hey, what are you doing right now?”, and if I’m not busy I’ll be there!

Favourite Vancouver hotspot on a Friday night?

The Distillery, Yaletown.

How do you feel about books that teach women to play hard to get or not to approach men?

It’s best to just be genuine. I don’t mind if women prefer men make the first move, but in a city like Vancouver I think we could all be a little more receptive to conversation from strangers. Women (and men) here have a reputation for being a bit… uptight… when first approached. I’d love that to change. It takes a lot of courage from most men to say ‘hi’ to you.

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Feature Image by Nick Raniga, instagram: @nikhil_raniga