Vancouver’s Craft Beer Boom

Dec 19 2017, 3:17 pm

As Vancouverites we love our beer, specifically our craft beer.  It’s easy to see just how devoted we are to our beers during the summer months when patios are packed and the suds are flowing.  And why shouldn’t we?  A cold pint on a hot summer day may as well be the nectar of the gods.

So Vancouver, listen up: a brewing renaissance is happening, and it’s glorious.

Over the last two years alone, we’ve been lucky enough to see over a dozen microbreweries and nanobreweries announced in Metro Vancouver.  There are now so many craft beer options in Vancouver, not to mention British Columbia, that it’s hard to remember a time when drinking local meant choosing which case of Granville Island to buy (Winter Ale, obviously).

Fortunately, these craft beer makers are finding ways to make their beers stand out from the crowded beer market and are honing their crafts by specializing in a select number of styles, sometimes only producing one.  Many of these beers have already established a strong reputation, winning awards and are listed as some of the top beers in Canada (as rated by

Discovering what options Vancouver now has to offer is half the fun, but to make it a little easier, we’ve created a comprehensive “cheat sheet” of sorts to guide you through all the new, and upcoming, breweries.

Note: This article focuses on the breweries specifically located in Metro Vancouver; there are many excellent breweries within B.C. which we will cover in a follow up article.


33 Acres Brewing Company
Address: 15 West 8 Ave
Open: Spring 2013
Current beer: Two flagship beers planned for launch (not yet publicly revealed)

Bomber Brewing
Address: East Van (lease pending)
Open: Summer 2013
Current beer: Two to three flagship beers including a Bomber Pilsner; seasonal beers

The Brassneck Brewery
Address: 2148 Main Street
Open: Early May 2013 (currently under construction)
Current beer: Eight launch beers planned; expect lots of seasonal varietals

Bridge Brewing
Address:  115-2433 Dollarton Hwy
Open: 2012
Current beer: Single beer focus, North Shore Pale

Central City Brewers
Address: 13450 102 Ave, Surrey
Open: 2003
Current beer: Red Racer brand (nine varieties); Red Betty (four varieties); Thor’s Hammer (two varieties); Imperial IPA for Autism

Coal Harbour Brewing Company
Address: 1967 Triumph St
Open: 2012
Current beer: Two lagers; one IPA; Rye Ale; Roggenweizen; Imperial Smoked Ale

Dead Frog
Address: 1-27272 Gloucester Way, Aldergrove
Open: 2006
Current beer: five flagship beers; one seasonal; two limited releases

Doan’s Craft Brewing
Address: #209-8475 Ontario Street
Open: October 2013
Current beer:  Three year-round beers planned; seasonal releases

Dogwood Brewing
Address: TBA
Open: TBA
Current beer: Fest Bier; Imperial Stout; Hello; Bumblebee Honey Ale; India Pale Ale

Four Winds Brewing Co.
Address: 4-7355 72 St
Open: Spring 2013
Current beer: Four flagship beers; limited releases

Granville Island Brewery
Address: 1441 Cartwright St
Open: Since 1984
Current beer: Six flagship beers; two seasonal; 12 limited release craft beers

Main Street Brewing Company
Address: 299 West 7 Ave
Open: Spring 2013
Current beer: Flagship Main Street Pilsner (currently available); planned seasonal and regular beers

Parallel 49 Brewing
Address: 1946 Triumph St
Open: 2012
Current beer: Three flagship beers; six seasonal

Powell Street Craft Brewery
Address: 1830 Powell St
Open: 2012
Current beer: Three flagship beers, Hopdemonium, Dive Bomb Porter, Old Jalopy Pale Ale; occasional season beers

R&B Brewing Co.
Address: 54 East 4 Ave
Open: 1997
Current beer: Six flagship beers; three seasonal

Red Truck Beer
Address: 1015 Marine Dr
Open: 2004 (new facility under construction at 315 East 1st, scheduled for late 2013)
Current beer: Red Truck Ale; Red Truck Lager; Red Truck Limited

Sapperton Brewing Inc.
Address: TBA, New Westminster
Open: Fall 2013
Current beer: Pale Ale; Brown Ale; Porter; IPA

Stanley Park Brewery
Address: 401 Fraser View Place
Open: 1897 (Currently owned by the Mark Anthony Group)
Current beer: Stanley Park 1987 Amber; Stanley Park Noble Pilsner; seasonal varieties

Steamworks Brewery
Address: 3845 William Street
Open: 1995
Current beer: Two flagship beers; six seasonal

Storm Brewing Ltd.
Address: 310 Commercial Drive
Open: 1995
Current beer: Five flagship beers (kegs only)

As you can see, there are a lot of options out there right now.  Over the coming weeks, we will be profiling some of these new breweries and their products to help you make a decision when patio season finally hits.

What breweries are you most excited about? What have you already tried?  Have we missed any?  Let us know in the comments.


Written and researched by Ryan Tessier, a food and drink contributor to Vancity Buzz. Connect with Ryan on Twitter@wanderguides.

Photo Credit: Skye Chilton

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