6 of Vancouver's best boxing gyms

Mar 16 2017, 1:16 am

What better way to get into shape than by learning how to punch someone right in the face?

While many Vancouverites stick to the zen and tranquiLlity of yoga to get their sweat on, there are some of us that need intense, explosive force to really let it all out.

Luckily, this city is home to some of the finest boxing gyms around, catering to both professionals and those who have never throw a punch before.

So get those gloves on and put ’em up, champ!

Rock Steady Boxing Vancouver

Rock Steady Boxing offers non-contact boxing classes to those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. The club got its start when founder, Scott Newman, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 39, and found that boxing was a rock solid remedy for some of the symptoms.

Where: #102 – 1500 Howe St., Vancouver

Website: rocksteadyboxingvancouver.com

Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Eastside Boxing Club

East Side Boxing Club got its start after the Astoria Boxing Club was shut down in 2012 and the head trainer there, Dave Schuck, decided to start his own boxing gym. After an interesting first few years that included the creation of fundraising event, Restaurant Rumble, and a fire that nearly knocked ESB out, the club got back on its feet and now offers free classes for at risk youth and those who have been victims of violence.

Where: 238 Keefer St., Vancouver

Website: apronsforgloves.com

Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Griffins Boxing and Fitness


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Griffins doesn’t consider itself to be “your regular boxing gym” but rather more of a community. The 12,000 sq. ft. space of boxing — and only boxing — offers six different levels of experience, and encourages everyone and anyone to come try a hand — or fist — at the sport.

Where: 326 East Esplanade, North Vancouver

Website: griffinsboxing.com

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Powercore Boxing

For those looking to get fit while flinging fists, Powercore Boxing offers workout regimes that fully embrace the fitness side of the sport, giving gym-goers targets to hit and showing them how to properly throw a punch. “It never gets easier, you only get better,” their website promises.

Where: 2916 Graveley St., Vancouver

Website: powercoreboxing.com

Social: FacebookTwitter

Diaz Combat Sports

If you’re serious about learning martial arts, this is the place to go. Diaz Combat Sports teaches many different styles of fighting, including kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and even power yoga.

Where: 747 Gore Ave., Vancouver

Website: diazcombatsports.com

Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Contenders Training Studio Vancouver

Starting as contenders in the ring and eventually becoming coworkers, the gym’s personal trainers Kevin Reynolds and Richard Pelcz help members become the best boxers they can be, regardless of their natural ability or ultimate goal.

Where: 1055 Dunsmuir St., Vancouver

Website: contenders.ca

Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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