Vancouver's best and worst paying jobs

Dec 19 2017, 10:02 am

Vancouver is voted as being one of the top cities to live in across North America, and now 39th best in Canada, according to MoneySense Magazine. The buzzing city offers an abundance of job opportunities, some grossing six figures.

Reports indicate that management occupations pay an hourly wage of $34.86, making it one of the best jobs to have in the city.

The demand for nurses is growing and individuals looking for a job in this field can anticipate a wage of $33.64, and yield an annual salary of anywhere between $45,000-$84,765.

While the 2013 data for the highest paid jobs are not up yet, 2012 was a good year for Stephen Toope, the President and Vice-Chancellor of UBC, who received an income of $533,445 in 2012, according to Vancouver Sun’s public sector salaries database.

Professors at postsecondary institutions in the lower mainland such as, Langara College offer its instructors an average base salary of $89,000 and vary between other institutions. UBC’s professors are the highest paid in Vancouver making their lengthy years in graduate school, very valuable.

Stuart Gavin, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at UBC, has held the position at the university since 2003. Dr. Stuart pursued his undergraduate medical and postgraduate training in obstetrics and gynecology and now yields $513,905 annually.

Where could these people who earn six figures possibly live? Anmore is reportedly the richest city in Metro Vancouver, where the annual income for the people that live here sits at $160,038, followed by Belcarra according to StatsCan.

StatsCan has indicated in its 2011 National Household Survey that musicians and singers are the worst paid amongst all other occupations with an annual income of $13,031.

Actors and comedians are towards the lower end of the spectrum in terms of annual revenue, earning on average $14,982. When it comes to the city with the lowest average income, Richmond’s population of 189,305 reported the lowest median with $69,553.

Professors are not the only ones racking up the big bucks, students that are looking for a career in secondary schools can apply for the Professional Development Program, which will help students become educators and yield a maximum salary of $73,199 and above.

Vancouver Police’s Chief Constable, Jim Chu earns $313,653, is listed as the highest grossing officer in the municipality. Senior ranking officers at VPD yield a nice six figures annually, making policing a well sought after job.

Other well paying occupations in the city include: Judges, Pharmacists, school Principals, and Fire Chiefs.


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