Vancouver's A&W opens its 800th restaurant in Canada

Dec 19 2017, 8:58 am

A&W is celebrating the opening of its 800th restaurant in Canada. The new restaurant, located in downtown Montréal, near McGill University, is enjoying an outstanding customer response in its first week.

“Several years ago, we committed to strategically accelerate our pace of expansion. With 33 new restaurants opened across the country to date in 2013, and over 70 openings in the past two years, we are proud of delivering on that strategy,” says Paul Hollands, President and CEO of A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. “Day after day, the entire A&W team is driven to give our guests across Canada an unparalleled burger experience anchored by the iconic Burger Family®. We are thrilled to open our 800th restaurant in downtown Montréal.”

In September, A&W announced that it would only serve beef raised without any added steroids or hormones, and containing no preservatives or additives. A&W’s beef comes from ranches that are at the leading edge of sustainable and ethical practices. Since the announcement, A&W has heard from many additional Canadian ranchers who would like to join the program and is exploring these opportunities.

Canadians have demonstrated a growing interest in where their beef comes from and how it is raised, and A&W burger lovers have responded enthusiastically to this beef raised without any added hormones or steroids.

A&W has made changes in its new restaurants, creating a more contemporary look and feel, serving food on aluminum trays, using real plates and cutlery, and popular metal fry baskets to cut waste. New, highly contemporary “Urban Concept” restaurants are also very popular – and growing – in downtown urban settings featuring Wi-Fi and self-order kiosks to a new generation of A&W burger lovers. The Company has opened 16 Urban Concept restaurants in large cities across Canada since the first premiered in Vancouver in 2010. The newly opened restaurant in Montréal is an Urban Concept format – the sixth in that city.

With more than 100 restaurants in Québec and nearly 200 in Ontario, Canada’s second largest quick service burger restaurant chain once again confirms aggressive expansion plans in Eastern Canada. Of the 33 new restaurants A&W has opened this year, 22 are in Ontario and Quebec. Approximately 25% of the Company’s growth remains in Western Canada, where it already has a strong foothold. Rapid growth in Quebec and Ontario, and across the country, can be attributed to its solid development plan, its innovative Urban Concept, the quality of its products, and its team of passionate people.

“Since we opened our 100th restaurant in Québec last March, we have continued to expand in the province,” says Hollands. “More restaurant openings are planned for this year in Ontario, too, as we approach 200 locations in that province.”

In 2012, A&W maintained its Platinum status among Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, having been honoured with the Best Managed designation for 10 consecutive years. One of the key drivers behind A&W’s excellence is the commitment to building a powerful organizational Climate. Founded on the principles of trust and mutual respect, the seven A&W Climate Goals have enabled A&W to build an extraordinarily high performing organization.