Vancouverites share their first dates from hell

Dec 19 2017, 8:05 pm

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and from first dates to old flames, Vancouverites are getting ready for an extra special date night this weekend. In advance of the big day, we asked Vancity Buzz readers to share stories about their disastrous first dates, and what we received was a reminder that our dating scene could definitely use some work.

So from getting peed on to being third-wheeled by your first date’s mom, take a look below for a run down of our readers’ first dates from hell.

1. He proceeded to pee on me

“I went on a first date with an investment banker who I met on Tinder and things started off really well. We went for dinner and drinks and I had a good feeling that it could have been something special. After quite a few gin & tonics, I invited him back to my place for one last drink. We started hooking up and he proceeded to pee on me. I was so shocked and disgusted that I ran straight into the shower and didn’t come out of the bathroom until he escorted himself out.” – Samantha M

2. He called me a psycho bitch and made a passive aggressive Facebook status about me.

​He made a scene at a sushi place after being charged $1.50 for green tea. He only backed down after several other customers told him to just pay the bill. He eventually did, and after we left he asked me to buy him dessert since he paid for dinner. A few days later he asked me out again. I said no. He called me a psycho bitch and made a passive aggressive Facebook status about me. ​- Maria P

3. He told me I wasn’t overly attractive

I was fresh out of the closet and on my first ever date with a man. He was a guy I met online; he was not attractive to me, nor did we have any chemistry however, I was desperate to kickstart my love life. We were having drinks and stumbling through small talk when he said: “You are so easy to talk to! I think it’s because you’re not overly attractive. Some guys are cute or have such good bodies. But I’m comfortable with you.” I walked out on him and my dates have been better-ish since then. -Jorin M

4. He was waiting for me with his mom

I met a guy online, talked to him for a couple weeks and finally agreed to meet him for a coffee date. When I arrived, he was waiting for me with his mom, who then hugged me and proceeded to tell me how much she’s heard about me, and how excited she was to meet his “special someone”. – Easelle V

5. I choked on my sandwich

It was on Valentine’s Day. He bought me a rose and asked me if i wanted to go out for lunch. Once we were there, there was very minimal conversation because I was so nervous. It ended up with me choking on my sandwich because i was too shy to get up and get a glass of water. Lets just say there wasn’t a second date. – Anonymous

6. He offered me multiple sex acts in return for seeing him again

I matched with him on Tinder. We had sent each other photos previous to our date (all PG rated) but when I saw him in person there was no physical attraction We had so much in common that I decided not to run. We finished watching an action movie (his choice) and I turned down his offer to grab a bite to eat, just wanting to head home. He guilt tripped me into going back to his place to have a quick drink. I quickly learned he had 4 roommates and sleeps on the curtained off couch. He then pulled out his 3 bongs and proceeded to take hits off all of them. When I kindly told him I didn’t think we were a good match a few days later, he offered me multiple sex acts in return for seeing him again. – Anonymous

7. He talked non-stop about a video game

I met a guy who asked me to go to a movie the next day with him. He was late and got the movie time wrong so we missed it. We ended up talking in the mall for an hour, in which he talked non-stop about one video game. I eventually excused myself, and when I tried to reject him over text, I got a long text about how he loved me and would change everything about himself if I gave him another chance. His number is still blocked in my phone. – Kia M

8. He interrupted me after I told him I lost my dad to cancer

As I was telling my date about joining the upcoming ride to conquer cancer this summer, and doing it in memory of my dad, he pulls his phone out, interrupts me, and says “check out this awesome photo of me on the field at the Seahawks game last week…the tickets were sooo expensive”. Date over. – Lindsey T