Vancouverites Learning Code: Vancouver Entrepreneurs

Dec 19 2017, 9:45 am

For those who don’t have the bandwidth to commit to CodeCore’s full-time bootcamp, their part-time Fundamentals course hits the sweet spot. Wednesday evening and Sunday’s you’ll be diving in head first with people from all walks of life, two of which I’m featuring this week: a top Vancouver EDM producer and a tech entrepreneur.

I am one of the people who know he’ll never be a coder for a living but also knows deep inside that with the way the world is going today, it’s a skill that’s becoming more and more necessary. I joined this course for the purposes of better understanding my technical teammates and being more connected with the foundations of technology – it’s becoming as core as understanding how the human body works! I’m close to the halfway mark as the one-month course is well underway, here is what you can expect to learn:

  • An understanding of programming concepts so you can decide whether a career in software development is for you.
  • The ability to create a full-fledged website.
  • The ability to work with databases of information.
  • The foundation needed to take our full-fledged bootcamp program.
  • A better skill set to further your career.

Some side benefits I have been pleasantly surprised with are meeting some likeminded and high impact people. Some are waist-deep into their companies and are learning for the same reasons as myself or, they’re ready to start a new adventure and are looking for people to join them.


1. What led you up to this course? 

My name is Mikas, I am a producer/ Audio engineer and web entrepreneur based in Gastown Vancouver.

My main background is in the music business, clubs live events, raves, DJ business, and running a successful record label. I did this until I started my current project. I am the founder and Creative Director of We Make Dance Music the site offers complete song project templates for the most popular professional music software including Ableton live and Logic pro. We also offer audio services and custom ghost-writing. I dedicated all of my time to this project for almost two years now!

2. Why are you taking CodeCore Fundamentals?

I already am a self taught web developer for a couple of years, it just seemed to be a natural step to me. I love to understand everything I use or see!

3. What’s your favourite part about the class so far?

I like everything so far, I really found myself a new passion, programming web language or building pure code is very challenging, this make it even more interesting.

4. Why do you plan on utilizing these skills for?

I will apply these on daily basis as i keep on developing more sites. I love working on the web and being able to reach millions!


1. What led you up to this course? 

My name is Kelsey Hannan. I am a co-founder of an online research company called Cognilab, which crowdsources traditional psychology experiments online, making social research significantly cheaper and faster than conducting in a physical lab.  I have now stepped into an advisory role for that company, allowing me to work full time on a new project: a decentralized Peer-to-Peer network for web hosting, where people are paid fractions of Bitcoins to host vulnerable web content.

2. Why are you taking CodeCore Fundamentals?

One of the most frustrating experiences I had as a non-technical co-founder was my inability to directly build my ideas into real products. I joined CodeCore Fundamentals because I want to take control of the products I build, rather than rely on others to build it for me. Programming is empowering, enabling imagination to become reality.

There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand computer languages, and those who don’t. Software is beginning to dominate every sector of life, so if you want to keep up with the language of the future then it is time to learn.

3. What’s your favourite part about the class so far?

The CodeCore Fundamentals class tackles back-end Ruby, front-end HTML/CSS, and even Databases. The instructors are making a strong effort to expose us to all of the basic elements of web development, and I am confident that by the end of CodeCore Fundamentals class we will have a useful base of knowledge to explore all elements of programming further.  My favourite part? Being able to watch myself build things I couldn’t have dreamt of doing before the class.

4. Why do you plan on utilizing these skills for?

I intend to use the course in two ways:

A. To become a proficient developer myself

B. To use my knowledge of programming to help build strong start-up teams.

I find many non-technical people in start-ups struggle with assessing how strong their dev team is, because they don’t know good code from bad.  Being literate in programming, even if you don’t intend to become a software developer, is still incredibly useful for those who do the business-side of a start-up.