Vancouverite Builds a New Social Media Platform to Find You a Date

Dec 19 2017, 4:19 am is the newest online dating service that is set to launch this June to bring a Pulse! to Vancouver. Single people be on the lookout for this and avoid situations like the image above.
People make friends on Facebook. People build business networks on LinkedIn. People will date on starting June, 2010 in Vancouver. In Vancouver, dating itself is hard. It can be impossible. For active, working adults, it’s about finding the time, let alone finding the right person.

Michael Tao, a social media entrepreneur, recognizes the dating challenges in Vancouver, and he has found time to help others. As Michael puts it, “Vancouver is a hard one to crack, because a lot of people aren’t from here. Without that circle of friends, meeting people is hard.”
Enter into the dating arena, and Michael states,”I believe that online dating has yet to reach its potential. There are so many dating sites popping up but they are all merely replicating each other. That isn’t remarkable. Things haven’t changed since online dating first started in 1995. It hasn’t caught up, and as a result, online dating is not accepted by more people.”
Remarkable is what will be. New technologies including a Pulse! feature will integrate real-time messages to uniquely match singles across Vancouver. With the help of leading experts in Vancouver in the areas of web development, design, social media, and marketing, Michael is nearing the launch of, and it will be revolutionary in the online dating world.
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