Vancouver Zombie Walk 2014

Dec 19 2017, 11:50 am

Prepare for the pending zombie apocalypse as thousands of zombies will overrun the streets of Vancouver. This year the date has been pushed three weeks to Saturday, September 6 to shift it away from peak tourist season. 

The meeting point and Zombie Walk route is the same as in past years – starting at the Art Gallery.

Even though the date has been moved this year, it will no doubt still catch many locals, newcomers and tourists off guard.

Vancouver Zombie Walk 2014 Rules

Do not vandalize anything

Though the temptation is great, please do NOT smear blood, brains or anything else on any businesses, buses, automobiles or any other public or private property as this is vandilism and the police will be ticketing and dealing with vandals appropriately. The police have been very good at past Zombie Walks, so please Zombie Walk with your utmost undead abandon, but don’t do anything careless which could jeapordize everyone’s fun and possibly shut down future Zombie Walks.

Ham it up for the cameras

There are always TONS of people taking photos and videos and we absolutely love all the people who come down to document the Zombie outbreak. Make sure to put on your best Zombie face for any and all cameras around, but also remember to be respectful of people’s equipment!

Respect and obey the police

The police are there to make sure the Zombie Walkers and Vancouver street traffic do not interfere with or damage each other, so they must be respected and obeyed at all times. Plus, they have the authority to arrest or ticket anyone doing anything illegal, like defacing public property, so behave! Respect the little ones, as well.

Respect the little ones as well

Though we big kids all see the fun in it, small children may not, and if you see any children reacting fearfully, please do not add to their distress. Just move on and let their parents explain … do NOT accidentally be the douche who gives them nightmares for a week by leering in their face. However, if they’re into it, they’re fair game for fun, like all the living.

Get involved – bring water or help clean up!

Bring water and set up a free water station for overheated zombies. Organize a cleanup crew and follow afterwards to help clean up blood spills. The Zombiewalk is a community based free daytime event that is made possible by the efforts of thousands of people – feel free to help out behind the scenes by simply organizing water or cleanup crews.

Zombie Walk Vancouver 2014

Date: September 6 from 4 to 6 p.m. (assemble around 3 p.m.)

Venue: Starts at the Vancouver Art Gallery and the walking dead then proceed to roam the streets of downtown. The zombie infestation travels up Robson towards Denman Street. At Denman it makes a left and continues to English Bay and ends at the laughing men statues.

Here is a video from the 2012 Vancouver Zombie Walk from Colton Onushko:

[youtube id=”1GVrgQWJ6gc”]

Feature image: Colton Onushko

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