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Dec 19 2017, 3:28 pm

Sitting at Reflections at the Rosewood Georgia Hotel, I await my next interviewee, Shairah. She arrives in a vivid red trench coat and black bejeweled leather gloves; I immediately notice the versatility of her character. She is a strong and confident woman who exudes warmth and compassion.

Shairah is a Vancouverite, business owner and musical genius. The CEO and founder of Lyrical Mistress Entertainment INC, she is able to remain in her realm of musical talent while utilizing her confidence and strength. Aside from being focused and determined on pushing the careers of the artists under Lyrical Mistress, she’s also an incredibly talented and passionate artist herself. Shairah is not only a business owner, she’s a singer, songwriter, composer, music producer and audio/mix engineer.

Shairah is both creative and business-savvy and instead of juggling back and forth between her creative and professional life, she has mastered the art of joining the two together. Where passion meets ambition, Shairah has found a balanced home.

Lyrical Mistress Entertainment INC

Lyrical Mistress Entertainment INC was founded in 2000. Beginning as a record label, Lyrical Mistress quickly evolved into a full service Management company for the musical talent of Vancouver. As a Management company, the goal of Lyrical Mistress is to catapult their artists into welcoming and prosperous markets that best suit their unique styles. Currently, Lyrical Mistress manages six Vancouver artists of different genres, namely T. Riley (Indie Rock/Swing), Marty Bernard (Psychedelic Blues), Motoe Haus (Electro/House), ARIA (Electro/Lounge), Antoine Baby Harry (Soul/Rock), and last but certainly not least, Shairah herself (Big Band Jazz/R&B/Funk.)

Focusing on markets around the globe as far as Japan, Hong Kong, China and South-East Asia, Lyrical Mistress pushes the boundaries and strives to amplify their artists to their highest capabilities.

As a believer that “competition breeds good business,” Shairah has a keen eye for professional strategies, constantly utilizing her sharp business sense and natural decisiveness. Now with 12 employees, Shairah says she’s mastered the art of delegation; she believes in maintaining an environment where each one of her employees has the ability to be creative in their own realms. She works together with her team on a solid foundation of trust.

What is a quote that inspires you?

Before I even had to ask this question, Shairah had answered it: “Be your own star, shine your own light.”

What is one of your greatest values?

Shairah tells me of when she was a young girl and hadn’t yet discovered that her singing voice was unique. “I thought everyone could sing like I did,” she says. Eventually she realized that not everyone had the same talent, and at that point she knew she was meant to be an artist.

When it comes to Shairah’s true purpose with her music, she puts it in very simple yet powerful terms.

“I want to be an inspiration to this generation and the next.”

Currently, she is busy planning for the upcoming year; Lyrical Mistress has set a goal to add to their team and are currently searching for a capable Managing Director who has the experience and ability to strike up new, innovative business.

On the creative front, Shairah is preparing for her upcoming performance at Vogue Theatre on May 19.


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