Vancouver to try plastic based asphalt

Vancouver is no stranger to trying new, environmentally friendly solutions to traditional city services. We first told you about the rubber sidewalks that line many streets in East Vancouver. Now the City has created a plastic-based asphalt which it will use for a trial for paved roads.

Plastics such as used water bottles, milk cartons and yogurt pots have been ground up and turned into a wax-like substance ready to be mixed with asphalt. The plastic when warmed acts as an adhesive to bind the asphalt together. According to reports the plastic, which constitutes one percent of the total asphalt mix, will be three times more expensive, however, the process involves 20 percent less fuel thus leading to long term savings.

The plastic based asphalt is being used in a four-block portion of Kingsway.

THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward via Winnipeg Free Press