Vancouver moving to biweekly garbage, weekly food scraps pickup

Starting May 1, the City of Vancouver will move towards picking up food scraps, yard waste and recycling weekly in single-family homes and duplexes. Garbage pickup will be reduced to every two weeks.

These changes will be rolled out according to which collection area you belong to. The first will be those in the green north area and the last will be the blue north area on July 11.

Two weeks prior to your area’s schedule change, each household will be receiving a small green bucket to collect food scraps in the kitchen. Once full, this container can be emptied into the usual Green bin for pickup. Households will also receive a new collection calendar and information pamphlet.

Those needing a different sized Green or garbage bin can contact the city at 3-1-1 for an exchange. Each household is allowed one free exchange each calendar year. Each additional exchange will cost $25.

The city will be constructing a new $5.4 million food scraps facility at the South Vancouver Transfer Station to hold the organic waste until it can be transferred to Richmond where it will be turned into compost and renewable energy. To pay for the facility, residents will pay an additional tax of $16 this year and $30 next.

By 2015, Metro Vancouver wants to reduce the amount of garbage going to our landfills by 70 per cent as part of its Zero Waste Challenge. One method they are using to reach this goal is to ban all food scraps and organic waste from the landfills by then.


Feature Image Credit: rickie22/Flickr