Vancouver to break all-time driest and hottest July record

Yes, it rains a lot in Vancouver but if there is one major misconception it’s that it also rains a lot during our summers. This is particularly false for this summer as the city is about to break an all-time 60-year record for the driest and hottest July.

During the months of July and August, the city has had quite a historical record of having long streaks of sunny and hot weather, but never before has a streak gone uninterrupted for this long. A high pressure system over southern BC has been pushing rainy weather and storms towards northern BC.

According to Global BC, the meteorological records only go as far back as 1953 and the last time it was this dry was during the month of July 1985. Rain is only measured if more than 0.2 millimetres has fallen, and to date for this month it has not exceeded that. In fact, do you remember when was the last time it rained in the city?

The record will be broken tomorrow, the last day of the month, if this weather continues for just one more day. And it certainly will.

However, current forecasts call for rain on Saturday, August 3 before returning to more sunshine. Let’s hope the forecast changes, after all that’s a Celebration of Light fireworks night.

Featured image: midnightglory