Another Vancouver thunderstorm brings lightning, rainbows and orange sunset (PHOTOS)

Dec 19 2017, 8:17 am

A violent thunderstorm system formed over the Fraser Valley early Thursday afternoon, dumping torrential rain and hail over Metro Vancouver throughout the day into the evening as it slowly moved westward towards the coast.

This is the second major thunderstorm to hit the region in less than a week after the Thursday, August 29 storm that hit after dark in the late evening. According to Environment Canada, more than 1,100 lightning strikes were recorded and as much as 20 mm of rainfall within an hour fell onto the areas that were directly under the storm’s influence.


Flash flooding, overflowing sewers, burning and split trees, damaged homes, knocked out traffic lights and thousands of power outages were reported all day. Three horses were also killed in Maple Ridge after the tree they had been huddling under was struck by lightning.

At Vancouver International Airport, all flights beginning in the late-afternoon were either delayed or canceled and operations did not resume until just after 7 p.m. Lightning may also have been the cause for system-wide SkyTrain delays during the evening.

While it was highly disruptive and devastating for some, as the storm dissipated over Burrard Inlet and West Vancouver, it left Vancouver with the right conditions for rainbows and a spectacular orange sunset to appear.

One lucky photographer, Ted Morgan, was at the right place at right time and captured a photo of the Vancouver skyline with a double rainbow and a double lightning strike.

Photos from the Vancouver thunderstorm

ted mogan
Image: Ted Morgan

Lightning Vancouver
Image: Alexis Birkill Photography

MattMylleville Twitter
Image: @MattMylleville


Vancouver storm rainbow sunset

keefer sunset fire
Images: @BCRealEstate1

Image: @nasser322 / Instagram

slyrus_k insta
Image: @slyrus_k / Instagram

jeff sakata
Image: Jeff Sakata – Golf course in Fort Langley

farzad's barber shop
Image: Farzad’s Barber Shop

Vancouver Rainbow
Image: Chris Tataryn

jamie mann
Image: Jamie Mann

Vancouver storm rainbow
Image: Greg Scott

Image: @VanLookout

Andrew Strain - Thunderstorm Vancouver Rainbow
Image: Andrew Strain Photography

Vancouver Storm Sunset
Image: Sean MacKenzie

Vancouver Lightning
Image: Chelsea Altice

Andrew Francis
Image: Andrew Francis

karm sumal
Image: Karm Sumal

Image: @HalverSold

Vancouver dark cloud
Image: Ryan Bolton

Image: @MsSutureSelf

Image: @greynotegroup

Image: @pinkprincessleanne / Instagram

Image: @KaturahAli

Vancouver storm rainbow
Image: Priscilla M. Barcelo Dargam

Vancouver storm sunset
Image: Jocelyn Pettit

otthobot insta
Image: @otthobot / Instagram



Timelapse of the incredible orange sunset after the storm, taken from Coal Harbour.

[youtube id=”vquMZNakBFo” align=”center”]
Video: Alexis Birkill Photography

Torrential rainstorm flash floods Port Coquitlam street.

[youtube id=”zW-yAtlxGZ8″ align=”center”]
Video: glowbunny

New Westminster storm drain overflows from last night’s torrential rain.

[youtube id=”js6CDqaeh9E” align=”center”]
Video: PoppygirllllL

Thunder, lightning and torrential rain

[youtube id=”B4pSrOzR__E”]
Video: Bruce Causier

[youtube id=”yl2O6PXzgJI” align=”center”]
Video: alvindergill

[youtube id=”oMJHbbDK1IU” align=”center”]
Video: youidiot222


Feature image: Farzad’s Barber Shop