Vancouver Thief Steals 86 Year Old's Scooter

86-year old Bill Confiss spent a majority of his life savings, $4,000, on a brand new scooter – a scooter he needs help him get around downtown Vancouver.

He has only had the scooter for two months before it was stolen this week after what he calls an act of stupidity on his part.

Confiss was approached by a man that was interested in his new ride at an intersection along Kingsway. The man asked if he could take the scooter around the block. Confiss asked the man for some collateral. The man proceeded to provide the chain around his neck as collateral for a ride around the block on the scooter.

Confiss accepted it and the man never came back.

The next day Confiss called the police. According to Confiss, the thief was medium height, part aboriginal, wore a hat, in his late 40′s or mid 50′s.

If  you see this scooter around Vancouver please alert the authorities. Here is the scooter’s information:

The scooter is red in colour with a canopy, the make is a Shop Voyager, model 778S, with the serial number 17828BC9A0007.