Vancouver teacher duct-taped students' mouths

Dec 19 2017, 7:45 am

As a punishment for speaking out in class, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary teacher, Margo Fowler, gave her students an ultimatum. Either they would be sent to the principal’s office, or they could duct-tape their mouths shut.

On three separate occasions, the misbehaving student in question opted for the latter, and decided to place duct-tape over his or her own mouth. One of these students’ friends posted a photo of the incident on Facebook, and Fowler has since been issued a reprimand by the B.C. Teacher Regulation Branch for professional misconduct.

A number of students at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary think that the discipline is unwarranted. After all, they did duct-tape their own mouths, noted one student in an interview with CBC News. Fowler is overall a well-liked and well-respected teacher, and another student suggested that the ultimatum was not meant in an agressive manner, but as more of a joke.

However, the thought of a teacher suggesting that a student place duct-tape over his or her mouth is certainly unsettling. It does not seem right that someone in a position of authority should suggest such a barbaric punishment for young teens.

A similar incident occurred in Chicago, where a lawsuit was filed against a teacher who wrapped duct tape around a young student’s face and head for speaking out of turn in class. In Russia, a kindergarten teacher sealed a boy’s mouth with duct tape and was fired as soon as the story broke, and also faced a criminal investigation.


What are your thoughts? Should Fowler have received a reprimand, a greater punishment, or nothing at all?


Image: CBC News

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