Vancouver private school girl linked to ‘Gossip Girl’ teen revenge blog

Dec 19 2017, 10:11 am

A crude Gossip Girl style shaming blog has been linked back to a Grade 8 student studying at the Vancouver Westside’s prestigious all-girls Crofton House.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the ‘Vancouver Taddler’ blog contained private text messages about teens plans to have sex, photos of teens with photoshopped drawings of genitals, and crude commentary about “hook ups” and body parts.

The anonymous female blogger had an avatar featuring a blurred selfie of a blond girl and asked teenagers to submit their secrets by email so that they could get their revenge. She was inspired by television shows such as Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, which uses similar online revenge methods, the Sun reported.

The site mainly targeted the ‘popular Vacouver Westside kids’ and was only live for about four days before it was deleted from Tumblr on Sunday evening. However, the damage was immense for those who were ‘exposed.’

“She captioned it as if I was on drugs. I wasn’t. I don’t. I thought it was hurtful,” said one victim during an interview with CTV Vancouver. When asked about the Gossip Girl comparison, he added, “That’s a fake TV show. This is real life. People are actually getting hurt from this.”

When the Sun asked the female blogger whether she understood that any photos showing minors in a sexual context is a criminal offence, her response was: “She’s wearing underwear so it’s not pornography.”

‘Vancouver Taddler’ comes two years after 15-year old Amanda Todd took her own life after years of online sexual extortion and harassment. She became a target after flashing a crowd via webcam while on a live streaming chat site.

The female blogger in question claims to have known Amanda Todd and that her father is a police officer and was aware of her blog.

Vancouver Police and Crofton House school officials are in the process of investigating the cyber bullying case.

“The school will definitely take measures. We’re still learning [the details] but this is something the school takes very seriously,” said Pat Dawson, the head of Crofton House, to CTV.

Potential punishment will not be made until all details are known.

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