Vancouver Street Style: Morgan

Dec 19 2017, 6:07 am

We’ve all seen those people on the beach who just over do it. Heels and a silk dress are not meant for the beach and Morgan knows that.

With a simple pair of faded high-waisted denim shorts from Front on Main st, Morgan is keeping it casual, because no one wants to stick out like a sore thumb in the sunlight.

Her sheer white top from F is for Frank keeps in tone with her simplistic look, but also allows her to breathe a bit in the scorching sun! We didn’t even notice the lovely square cut out in the back until we asked her to turn around to get a snap of that beautiful leather backpack.

Sunscreen, a bathing suit and a some snacks are just a few things we take to the beach with us, so a simple purse just won’t do. Morgan’s bag from Aritizia is small enough to carry around but big enough to fit all the beach essentials.

What we love the most about Morgan’s outfit are her big-rimmed red sunglasses. Also purchased from Fronts on Main st, they add an extra punch to the ensemble. With her hair tied up in a high bun, we can truly appreciate their unique beauty.