Vancouver Street Style: Kanako

When thinking of a beach in Vancouver one does not exactly think of the word “exotic.”  However 21-year-old Kanako is just that. Visiting for the summer from the faraway lands of Thailand, Kanako’s laid-back yet fashion-forward style caught my eye from blocks away.

Her magenta coloured maxi skirt from Two of Us pops out in a crowd of plain board shorts and floral skirts.

Baring just enough tummy to keep it classy, her colourful bandeau bathing suit shines through her white t-shirt that although may look to be plain, has a little secret of its own in the back.

Purchased from Urban Outfitters, her top adds even more flare to her outfit. Of course, the staple back-pack-at-the-beach is present, although she’s not too sure if she bought it in Vancouver or in Thailand…However, we couldn’t help but notice the headband tied to the side of the bag- and what a cute touch it was. Adding a little more colour to her outfit, it brings out the tones in her bandeau beautifully.

We hope Kanako enjoyed her stay in Vancouver as much as we enjoyed her outfit!

Photos by Niki Mohrdar