Vancouver Street Style: Danica and Courtney

Dec 19 2017, 6:03 am

After meeting these two ladies, I almost wanted to go back in time and give my 17-year-old-self a fashion wake-up call. At the age of 17, Danica and Courtney are dressed to impressed and doing it with a budget.  

A white lace top, with beige harem pants and a dark washed jean jacket slung to her side, Danica’s outfit is purely vintage. The light tones, matched with her black oxford shoes tie the outfit together beautifully and make her burgundy accessories pop out.

Courtney’s red wine coloured cords from the Gap are something to be envious of, matched nicely with white leather flats. But what I love most about her ensemble is her cropped green button-up, a gem she found at a thrift store.

Although both of these ladies outfits are stylish just as they are, it’s their backpacks that really do it for me. And yes, you guessed it, they’re vintage.

Danica’s leather bag brings out the classiness of her outfit and works well with her oxford flats. While Courtney’s jean backpack contrasts the darker tones of the rest of her outfit. Who wants an itty-bitty purse when you can rock a vintage backpack?

Write up by Niki Mohrdar

Photos by: Nicole Bates