Vancouver Street Food Carnival

Dec 19 2017, 6:29 am

SUSTENANCE Festival celebrates this year’s Food Innovation in the City by organizing the Vancouver’s biggest Street Food Carnival on Sunday October 21st from noon to 4pm at the Roundhouse Turntable Plaza. SUSTENANCE Festival is taking place from October 11th to 21st and includes city-wide events.

They are celebrating one of the hottest culinary trends in the city: street food! From ethnic fusion to BBQ and tacos our on-the-go culinary options in Vancouver have increased with the diversity of food carts showing up in our streets. Imagine the largest gathering of food carts in one place and carnival attractions for all ages.

Organizers are excited to announce that this festival will be the largest street food gathering in the city. In addition to numerous food options you will enjoy buskers, musical entertainment and carnival surprises. Food vendors and attendees are encouraged to embrace the carnival spirit by dressing up for the occasion. Indoor and outdoor seating areas will be available.

SUSTENANCE is a city-wide celebration endeavors to connect the communities of art, culture, and food security. From global to local, from historic to present day, the art and culture of food offer something everyone can feast on!

SUSTENANCE Festival The Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre is proud to present the SUSTENANCE Festival. Now in its fourth year, the Festival is an evolving platform for community groups, artists and people interested in learning more about Vancouver’s food landscape. It is also an opportunity to come together, share information, eat and have fun!


Sunday Oct. 21, 12pm – 4pm

Roundhouse Turntable Plaza in Yaletown at Davie and Pacific Boulevard