Vancouver Smog Due to Russian Wildfires

Dec 19 2017, 5:58 am

These past several days have been spectacular. This is what all Vancouverites have been waiting for all year. It’s why endure 8 months of grey, bleak weather for. Yes, summer is finally here. That also usually means a few smoggy days after days of extreme heat. However, if you look out at the mountains you’ll notice a thick layer of haze already as air quality levels have dipped quickly. This despite the fact the weather hasn’t been extremely hot or humix. That my friends is smog and it’s coming all the way from Siberia. 

In an article by the CBC it states that smoke from wildfires in eastern Russia are the reason for the hazy skies over much of British Columbia. It’s especially bad in the interior. For those of you with asthma and other conditions that can be affected poor air quality, take precaution.