Vancouver's hotel rates found to be the second most expensive in Canada

Aug 16 2018, 11:36 am

According to a recent survey conducted by, Vancouver has the second most expensive hotel rates in Canada this summer.

The survey compared rates of double rooms at centrally-located hotels that are rated higher than 3 stars, across 30 popular Canadian destinations for the month of August 2018.

In Vancouver, visitors spend an average of CA$324 for the most inexpensive double room available, second only to Banff, Alberta, where visitors spend an average of CA$336 for the same.

The following table compares 30 destinations in Canada based on the average rate for their cheapest available double room during the time period spanning August 1 to 31, 2018.


The survey lists Richmond, British Columbia, as having the fourth most expensive hotel rates in Canada.

The results are not surprising considering several other recent survey results stating the City of Vancouver as the most expensive city in Canada, as well as the sixth most expensive city for international students to attend university from abroad.

The full report can be found at’s website here.

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