Vancouver Seawall: Run, Rollerblade or Bike It For a Great Workout

The Vancouver seawall is one of the most popular recreational facilities in the lower mainland. On a sunny day the span of the facility will be occupied by individuals participating in all types of activities. Three of the most popular activities are running, rollerblading and biking. Since summer is right around the corner I thought to myself why not compare each activity and the benefits each have physiologically.

Running is a whole body workout mainly improving your cardiovascular endurance.  The advantage to the seawall is it has three main routes you can run. The smallest of the three routes is the Stanley Park section which spans only the circumference of Stanley Park and runs a total of 8.8km. If running at an average pace of 5km/hr it will take you approximately one hour to run the Stanley park section and you can burn up to 500 calories! Of course you always have the option of running the longer routes. You can add on the Coal Harbour section which turns the route into an 11km route or you can go even further and include English Bay and Kitsilano for the longest route totaling 22km.

Although running does burn quite a few calories and is a great cardio workout not everybody’s body is designed for running so you may have to turn to other options such as rollerblading. Rollerblading will not burn quite as many calories as running but is still considered a great cardiovascular workout. Another benefit of rollerblading is it does require more strength from your legs therefore isolating your quadriceps more than running. If you were to rollerblade just the Stanley Park section you could burn up to 400 calories. Rollerblading will reduce the impact on your joints therefore you will be able to rollerblade longer than you would be able to run. Therefore if running is not your thing strap on a pair of rollerblades and blade those calories away.

One last option for you if rollerblading is not quite your cup of tea you can ride a bike. If you bike for a total of one hour at an average pace you can burn up to 600 calories. Riding a bike is also less damaging on your joints and is a great alternate way to enjoy the seawall and all it has to offer.

Vancouver has many stores located within the Stanley Park area that rent rollerblades and bicycles and to assist you in finding them I have listed a few below.

Bayshore Rentals

Spokes Bicycle Rentals

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