The Vancouver Riot Report Brought to You by VCB

Dec 19 2017, 5:06 am

We didn’t need months and a few hundred thousand dollars of taxpayers money to hand out a riot report. After all, it was the same political BS the people have been accustomed too from our local politicians. So without further ado here is why the riot happened summed up in four points.

1. The rioters are to blame.
2. Yes alcohol was a factor, to think otherwise you would have to be an idiot.
3. Lack of police presence: The Mayor nor the police chief will accept responsibility for this. You see our public officials are programmed to only accept praise and deflect blame. In this case they are pointing fingers at each other in a perpetual political circle jerk.
4. Over stimulated youth looking to cause trouble or caught up in mob mentality. Did the police not see the “Riot 2011” signs? Besides the same thing happens on Granville Street every Friday and Saturday night.

There you have it. Of course there are more points and feel free to add them to the list. We only had a few minutes and 25 cents to come up with this report so hopefully you weren’t expecting a couple of hundred pages of political bureaucratic whitewashed BS from us.

More cameras aka CCTV is not the answer. London is full of them and look what happened there. Also why the need for CCTV?  In this particular instance the rioters took photos of themselves looting and posted it on Facebook! If they were going to be charged then they would’ve done so a long time ago. But hey, the city can use this as an excuse to install more cameras.

One can’t predict how the city will react as people from all over the region pour in to the central core. At it’s peak 500 people were coming in via SkyTrain every 90 seconds on that fateful day we lost in Game 7 again. What the mayor and the citizens of the Lower Mainland need to realize is that as a city we have to be able to celebrate and put on large events, after the Olympics the citizens demand and yearn for this. That is the natural progression of any city that claims to be “world class”. So the powers that be better find a way to not only make it happen, but find some of that money they hand out to their buddies to put on more events of this magnitude each and every year.

I hope that this does not impede the progress (but still a long way to go) Vancouver has made the last few years. Mayor Robertson, like it or not you are the man in charge of this city, so every once in awhile you will have your ass handed to you on a silver platter. Deal with it head on and move on to the next thing.


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