Vancouver ranked one of the top cities in the world for dogs

Sep 16 2020, 12:50 pm

Vancouver has made it onto yet another list, this time as one of the best cities for dogs in 2020.

According to a new study by Coya, Vancouver placed 23 out of 50 cities from around the world. The city was given a score of 84.62 out of 100 and is one of three Canadian cities to make the list.

Toronto and Montreal were also included on the list but placed higher than Vancouver. Montreal placed 16th, scoring 87.03 out of 100, while Toronto placed 9th, cracking the top 10 cities with a score of 88.67 out of 100.

The ranking was compiled by taking a list of cities around the globe that were previously cited as good locations for dogs. Then, Coya finalized a list of 50 with comparable data.

Factors considered in the ranking include having multiple parks, pet stores, vets, and dog-friendly establishments such as hotels and restaurants.

“These all contribute towards a paw-fect dog infrastructure in a city. As any pet owner knows, as much as we love them, doggos can cost a bundle, so the lifetime cost of keeping a dog was also taken into account,” said Coya.

“To paint a picture of how many pups live in each city, we calculated an estimate of dogs per capita for every location. And to determine how responsible dog owners are in each city, we investigated how many dogs are abandoned each year and the official fines for not cleaning up dog mess.”

To finalize their results, residents in every city were asked to rate dog owners in their area with how responsible they are at cleaning up after their pup.

Vancouver’s ratings out of 100 breaks up as such:

  • 81.54 for Vets/Dogs
  • 89.64 for Pet Stores
  • 70.97 Dog-friendly Restaurants
  • 95.31 for Dog-friendly Hotels
  • 86.58 for Dog Parks
  • 98.75 for Abandoned Dogs/Year
  • 83.25 for Dog Waste Fine
  • 81.60 for Dog Waste Survey

When it comes to how responsible owners are when picking up after their dogs, Vancouver ranked 29th out of the 50 cities.

The top three cities based on overall score were San Fransisco, Seattle, and Tel Aviv, respectively.

For more details as to how each score was conducted, you can check it out on the Coya website.

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