Vancouver ranked as one of the most reputable cities in the world

Aug 24 2018, 1:35 pm

Vancouver has recently been named one of the most reputable cities in the world by the Reputation Institute’s City RepTrak ranking.

The global survey is based on over 22,000 consumer ratings collected in the G8 countries. Cities were ranked based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration, and respect.

While we ranked in at fifth place last year, Vancouver dropped quite a few spots, landing at 16th place this year.

Tokyo, Sydney and Copenhagen claimed the top three spots as the world’s most reputable cities in Reputation Institute’s 2018 ranking, and are joined by Vienna, Stockholm and Venice, collectively comprising six cities with excellent reputations this year.

Montreal came in at 10th place, and is Canada’s most reputable city, according to this year’s ranking. The third Canadian city on the list is Toronto, which sits at 13.

According to the Reputation Institute, the results revealed in the 2018 City RepTrak show that cities with the highest reputations are attracting the most visitors, gain the greatest support from their stakeholders, including intentions to live, work, invest and organize and attend events in the locations.

“The competition for city reputation as the foundation for attracting businesses, a talented workforce and tourists, is only becoming more intense,” said Enrique Johnson, Managing Director at Reputation Institute. “Fostering and developing an effective government is the most important priority for cities to attain a strong reputation. Cities must promote safety, beauty and leadership, which are key attributes driving city reputation and stakeholder support.”

The top three key attributes driving city reputation in 2018 are safety, beauty and leadership, which together comprise 32.7% of a city’s reputation.

The top 20 cities in the 2018 City RepTrak are:

1. Tokyo
2. Sydney
3. Copenhagen
4. Vienna
5. Stockholm
6. Venice
7. Rome
8. Zurich
9. Munich
10. Montreal
11. Helsinki
12. Melbourne
13. Toronto
14. Milan
15. Barcelona
16. Vancouver
17. London
18. Dublin
19. Madrid
20. San Fransisco

Reputation Institute

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