Downward dog with some actual dogs at this adorable puppy yoga class

Aug 16 2019, 11:00 am

What do Vancouverites love other than talking about the weather? Yoga and dogs.

Pet sitting app Rover and YYOGA have partnered to host puppy yoga — where yoga participants will be joined by a group of puppies.

Participant and puppy doing yoga (Courtesy of Talk Shop)

Daily Hive was invited to attend a preview of what yoga devotees can expect on August 21.

Yoga mats were already waiting on the floor, along with treat bags for the furry participants. The seven adorable dogs wandered around, bringing smiles onto participants’ faces.

All of the dogs are rescues who are currently living with foster puppy parents.

The event is beginner-friendly and relaxed, making it possible for participants to “play with the dogs and then go back into the form,” said participant Stephanie Woo.

“They encourage you to have treats in your hand and to break pose to play with the dogs and give it a hug and then go back into pose, which is nice.” Audrey Lim said.

“It was a good mix between relaxing yoga and playing with dogs.”

A puppy enjoying the attention (Courtesy of Talk Shop)

Hillary Keegan, the YYOGA instructor, led the instruction of the beginner-friendly class.

Instructor Hillary Keegan with a puppy (Courtesy of Talk Shop)

Studies have shown that having pets will improve mental health and it’s no surprise that putting dogs and yoga together will bring some pawsitive vibes to your life.

And to make it sweeter? All proceeds go towards Second Chance in Life Foundation, a non-profit organization which aims to find homes for abandoned animals.

Puppy yoga is only here for one night only so get your tickets ASAP!

Puppy Yoga

When: Wednesday, August 21
Time: 7:30 pm to 8:15 pm
Where: YYoga Kitsilano—1915 W 4 Avenue
Price: $20. Tickets are available online

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