Vancouver Public Art: Geyser at Hillcrest Park

Dec 19 2017, 2:18 pm

Artists Erica Stocking and Vanessa Kwan have crafted a “geyser”  for Hillcrest Park that erupts water 15-20 feet in the air. This public artwork is inspired by Old Faithful and other natural water spouts arising from geological pressures under the earth’s surface. It will be an unpredictable entity that, not unlike a geyser in the natural world, seems to operate according to its own mysterious rhythms.

There have long been rumours of underground water at the Hillcrest site, but Hillcrest Geyser arises from other hidden sources and pressures – the infrastructure of the new green initiatives of the building’s water recycling system in the building. In particular, the Geyser goes off when clean water is needed to supplement the water in the recycling system that is used for sanitary and irrigation needs in the facility. A “warning” spray signals the start of the spray – water will begin in a slow build up to 3 – 5 feet, then drop off in preparation for the full column of water.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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