Vancouver's Potential Apparel donates $5 to charities for every item sold

Dec 19 2017, 9:28 am

Potential Apparel was founded by a team of Simon Fraser University students who are entrepreneurs, programmers and designers.

By partnering with international charities such as HEROS Hockey and Right To Play, they have created a new way for people to give to charitable organizations that empower the next generation. Every item sold triggers a donation of five to nine dollars directly to our partners.

The Potential Team has a roster of more than 30 professional athletes, including many who play in the NHL, who have already agreed to both wear and advocate for Potential.

To purchase from their catalogue, visit their website:


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1. Who are you? Tell us about your business/core idea and what inspired you to create it.

Potential Apparel isn’t your average brand; calling us a clothing company is just the tip of the iceberg. Potential Apparel is a team of entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and most importantly wonderful charitable organizations.

The idea is simple; we created a product designed around the input and feedback from our athletes. Our clothing is made of high quality fabric that offers long lasting wear and a print made for endurance (not to mention the shirts are printed right here in Vancouver). Every product sold reserves $5 from the sale to be donated to charities who are concerned with helping underprivileged children play sports

2. Why donate $5 from every item sold?

Growing up in the developing world can be challenging enough. Without proper direction and resources children can be stripped of opportunities and quickly be found off of the beaten path. Education paired with the ability to play team sports gives children the direction they need and help them gain useful skills to grow up on. Unfortunately not all children are given an equal opportunity to play.

3. What makes you unique compared to other sports based clothing companies?

Similar to other companies, we are sports enthusiasts. Excluding the obvious that we have chosen to give a large sum of hypothetical profit to help kids, we run our business differently. Here at Potential we are all one big family; there is something special to be said about being part of a good cause. Even our athletes point it out.

Another large factor is that our athletes proudly showcase the brand; we even have athletes who are not actually signed wearing our clothing and showing support, why? Because it’s a good cause. All of our athletes from NHL, NASCAR, to AHL, know that if it weren’t for the opportunities given to them at a young age to play, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

4. What are the future plans for Potential Apparel?

In the future we plan to grow with the addition of more product lines, diversified coverage of sports, and athletes in all major sports leagues. The grounds our company stands for cover a globally concerning issue, more awareness and additional resources return more children playing sports.

As our list of partnered charities, with joint visions of helping children play sports, grows we plan to offer the consumer the opportunity to decide which charity their donations will go to. Our company is structured on the foundations of strong beliefs and high quality clothing at an affordable price. We plan to only increase our product quality, lower the price, all the while maintaining the $5 donation per item sold.

5. What kind of challenges has your team had to face?

While any start up faces its own complications; the grounds of creating a high quality product at an affordable price and still donating a huge chunk from every item sold yields tight margins.

The most rewarding aspect of our company is creating the ability to make a difference in a child’s life, but making a significant impact while still having financials to grow the company are definitely the biggest hurdle we face every day.

We know that the only way to make the difference we aim to achieve is to continue chugging along everyday, as the bigger our company grows the more lives we are changing.

6. Who are your athletes and why are they apart of Potential Apparel?

Fortunately for us, people like what we are doing; even more fortunately, so do influential individuals like our athletes. We are lucky to call some of the best athletes in the world Potential Apparel Athletes. These athletes believe in the cause and recognize the importance of sports.

Every single one of these individuals know that growing up without sports they would not be given the opportunities they have today. The athletes are proudly dedicated to aiding Potential Apparel in our mission to helping underprivileged kids reach their potential through sport.

7. Is the clothing high quality?

Every part of Potential Apparel is high quality, most importantly our products, made of premium material. We promise to bring the best product, that’s why we contract Design Sportswear, a Canadian company who also works with prestige companies such as Lululemon and Aritzia, to print our high quality designs. Every item is quality inspected for fit, strength, and appearance. Potential Apparel promises to deliver the most comfortable clothing you will ever wear.

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