Vancouver Police Target Noisy Motorcycles and Cars

Dec 19 2017, 7:57 am

Vancouver Police are targeting noisy exhaust pipes on motorcycles and cars after receiving dozens of complaints about excessive noise. The goal of the campaign is to target motorcycles and cars that are emitting excessive noise levelsand enhance the quality of life for residents living along well travelled routes.

On occasion, officers see motorcyclists riding around with ear plugs because the mufflers are too loud. During a recent encounter, a traffic enforcement officer followed a motorcycle for two blocks when the rider wasn’t able to hear the siren over his mufflers.

This past weekend, the Vancouver Police Traffic Enforcement Unit tested over fifty motorcycles and cars and found 19 vehicles were not in compliance.  The riders or drivers were issued either a $109 fine under the Motor Vehicle Act or a Notice and Order to have the muffler repaired.

“This is a good time to remind the public that with the warm weather comes an increase in the number of motorcycles on the road,” says Staff Sergeant Howard Chow of the VPD Traffic Enforcement unit.

“We would like to remind riders to be safe and considerate of others while they are out enjoying the sun.”

Quick Facts

  • the allowable decibel reading for motorcycles is less than 92 decibels
  • the allowable decibel reading for cars is less than 84 decibels
  • ear damage occurs at 85 decibels or greater
  • average lawnmower and chainsaw is about 90 decibels
  • jackhammer is about 130 decibels
  • loudest motorcycle tested over this past weekend was 112 decibels

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