Vancouver Police Station to turn into tech hub

In the alleged war on the Downtown Eastside (DTES) another attack has been launched, this time by the City of Vancouver. The city plans to turn the old Vancouver Police Station into a tech hub called the Vancouver Technology Centre.

The City of Vancouver in collaboration with the Vancouver Economic Commission, have issued an RFEOI for a technology incubation and acceleration centre to be called the Vancouver Technology Centre (VTC). The City is seeking to engage a party on a long-term basis to deliver incubation and acceleration business development services for early-stage technology and social innovation companies. These services will be delivered within a building owned by the City located at 312/324 Main Street in downtown Vancouver.

Activists prefer that the former police building be used solely for social housing. However, being situated in the burgeoning entrepreneurial playground of Gastown and Railtown, the 100,000 square foot facility is better utilized as a tech hub incubator.  An incubator brings together a lot of the training and services that start-ups need, as well as providing them with access to venture capital.

Besides being a tech incubator, there will be space to house a large high tech company. Furthermore, some subsidized space will be provided for social enterprises.

The City will provide the building rent-free.

The activists and anarchists that are currently targeting PIDGIN, Save On Meats and Famoso Pizzeria, will likely shift some of their focus on the new Vancouver Technology Centre.

Image: Living The Canadian Dream