Vancouver Police rescue 2 dogs from car in Mount Pleasant

Dec 20 2017, 12:27 am

Earlier this afternoon, a Vancouver Police officer rescued two dogs from a vehicle parked near the intersection of East 10th Avenue and Ontario Street in Mount Pleasant.

A police officer broke the car window in order to retrieve two small Dachshunds from the backseat. The dogs were in the heat and in distress, according to police.


Temperatures in the city reached a high of 24° today, but within minutes it could be dangerously higher inside a parked car. Even if a car is parked in the shade with the windows partly open, temperatures can reach a level that will seriously harm or even kill a pet.

Dogs can only withstand hot temperatures for a very short period as they do not have sweat glands and can only cool themselves by panting and release heat through their paws. They could suffer irreparable brain damage or death within minutes of being left in an hot environment.

Heatstroke symptoms in dogs include: exaggerated panting (or the sudden stopping of panting), rapid or erratic pulse, salivation, anxious or staring expression, weakness and muscle tremors, lack of coordination, convulsions or vomiting, and collapse.

Pet owners should leave their animals at home if they are unable to keep them safe in their travels.

What to do when a dog has heatstroke symptoms

  1. Immediately move the dog to a cool, shady place.
  2. Wet the dog with cool water.
  3. Fan vigorously to promote evaporation. This will cool the blood, which reduces the animal’s core temperature.
  4. Do not apply ice. This constricts blood flow, which will inhibit cooling.
  5. Allow the dog to drink some cool water (or to lick ice cream if no water is available).
  6. Take the dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible for further treatment.
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