Vancouver Police issue two fraud alerts

Dec 19 2017, 11:01 am

Vancouver police have issued two fraud alerts Friday morning.

Business Fraud Alert

The Vancouver police are reminding businesses to be cautious of requests for financial information and money transfers.

A recent fraud in Vancouver involved a suspect who hacked into the computer system of a local business. It is believed that the suspect was monitoring company e-mail communication for some time before sending a fraudulent internal e-mail requesting the transfer of a large sum of money.

Police are asking businesses to review their system security and ensure they have appropriate policies, firewalls and antivirus software to reduce the chances of fraud. Employees should take steps to confirm that requests for financial information or money transfers are legitimate.

Police are warning residents to be careful of unsolicited phone calls from anyone asking for donations or personal information.

VPD Fraud Alert

Financial crime investigators recently received a report of a telemarketer who identified themselves as an employee of the Vancouver Police Department asking for donations to support anti-bullying efforts. The person who got the call did the right thing by not providing any information and hanging up the phone.

The VPD does not solicit over the phone. Anyone who wishes to donate to a charity should contact that organization directly. Never give personal or financial information over the phone unless you absolutely know who you are dealing with or you can verify who the person is. If something does not seem right, trust your instincts, it probably isn’t.

If anyone receives a call asking for personal, financial or credit card information, they are advised to simply hang up.

For more tips on how to prevent becoming a victim of fraud, visit the VPD website.


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