Vancouver Playoff Viewing Parties To Be Held at Local Community Centres, Not Downtown

In a rather lame but precautionary move the City of Vancouver has decided to completely cancel any sort of viewing party in downtown Vancouver for the NHL playoffs. There were serious talks about viewing parties at BC Place, however, it looks like this won’t happen. At least not in the early rounds. Instead the City of Vancouver plans to host public viewing of games at community centres. Who wants to get drunk at a community centre? Okay not get hammered to the point of no return when mob mentality set in but a community centre doesn’t fit the occasion. High school formal, sure but not a playoff viewing party. 

The City of Vancouver said they don’t want to shut down all celebrations during large events, but they want people to celebrate responsibly to minimize the risk to the public so as to avoid the events during the Stanley Cup final last year.

The City’s plans include implementing ideas such as allowing public viewing of games and celebrations at community centres, bars, pubs, and maybe theatres, should the Canucks advance into third and fourth rounds of the playoffs. But no crowds would be allowed downtown.

There will be no outside screens to watch the game.

The City said they are considering block parties, but those would have to be organized by an event planner and no alcohol would be allowed.

The Vancouver Canucks will be involved and have partnered with the City. They will also be matching the City’s funding for the celebrations, which could be between $50,000 to $100,000.


I guess the City doesn’t have the funds/desire to host “real” parties. No Fun City 2.0.