Vancouver Pillow Fight Day April 3rd, 2010

Dec 19 2017, 4:17 am

Tomorrow Vancouver is celebrating 5 years of mayhem by participating in the 2010 World Wide Pillow Fight (the only Canadian city to do so). It will go on RAIN or SHINE so make sure you head out to the Vancouver Art Gallery on Robson Street at 3:00pm, the pillow fight will go until 3:30pm. Now as a child the notion of a pillow fight always seemed like a good idea. Then as a teen, whenever the girls would talk about sleepovers and pillow fights, most guys imagined something similar to the photo above. Now obviously I don’t expect that to happen tomorrow, perhaps at The Cecil but not in front of the VAG. Unless of course the ladies of Vancouver want to prove me wrong. 
1. “Don’t talk about [Pillow] Fight Club!” (especially to news media and civic authories)
2. Don’t be in location until the exact minute. (set your watches)
3. Hide your pillows.
4. Rush in screaming “PILLOW FIIIIIIGHT!!!!!”
5. After 15mins of excruciating fun, leave.
6. Stay off the road and sidewalk. (don’t make this a police issue)
7. Do NOT hit anyone with out a pillow! (this includes but is not limited to people with cameras, bystanders, civic authorities, cars, use common sense!!)
8. “If this is your first [time] at [Pillow] Fight Club, you have to fight.”

(volunteers requested for clean up; we want to do it again next year)

No one knows why or for whom but only that it “just happens”. The message goes to all the good vibe people you know. Here is a video from last year.

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